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Gifts of the Soul
Gifts of the Soul
Laura Hyde

The Intimate Soul
The Intimate Soul
Laura Hyde

Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul
"Learning how to remember my dreams, work with them, and understand my own personal 'dream language' has assisted me in healing some of my closest relationships and access some 'gifts' I was born with that I never knew I had! Dreams truly are a precious vehicle for healing and Laura has a profound understanding of them and how they are, in her words, 'the language of the heart and soul.'"

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A ~ Z Meaning Of Dreams ~ Dream Interpretation

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Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul

Lesson 1 - Why Are Dreams Important and How Can They Help You?
By Laura V. Hyde

"Laura creates a safe environment to explore dreams and transform our judgments about them. In changing perceptions about our dreams, a miracle happens and we are able to use them effectively instead of being puzzled or frightened by them." ~ Celia Madison, a Certified Hypnotherapist, California

Who is best served by this e-course?

  • Those wanting to connect with their soulful self through their night-time dreams.
  • Those interested in the A ~ Z meaning of dreams. Be guided to understand the meaning of dreams and dream interpretation.
  • Recall and recognize dreams and nightmares as messages from another plane of consciousness and use them to help you heal your body, mind and spirit.
  • Those interested in dream analysis and dream interpretations.
Now, breathe deeply and exhale...

"Dreams show us how to find meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us."

- Marie Louise von Franz, author


Dear Friend,

Did you understand your dreams last night? Did you recall them?
Rich with symbols, archetypes and metaphoric meaning, dreams are an invaluable healing instrument, and when regularly used and understood, are pathways to higher consciousness, healed relationships, health, fulfilling your life's purpose and greater abundance. Dreams are powerful vehicles in which to solve your daily issues for they provide ideas, solutions and insights. Literally, they are jackpots of information, especially when you ask for answers to specific concerns.

In this course, you will learn the value of your nightly dreams and how they can benefit every area of your life.

Have you worked with your dreams? Do you remember your dreams?
This course is designed to:
  • Assist you in learning dream recall.
  • Understand common dream themes.
  • Know what questions to keep in mind while falling asleep.
  • Learn specific "keys" in working with your dreams.
  • Recognizing your own particular dream language (symbols).
  • Learn meaning of dreams and dream interpretation.
Helpful Hints
It will be helpful for you to understand that the lessons build on the previous lesson. For this reason, I encourage you to save course e-mails to a designated folder, as well as, printout and create a file or notebook containing the course lessons on which you may add your own notes. This provides you with easy access to the lessons throughout the course and thereafter.

Dreams are Very, Very Powerful!
The word dream means music, joy and ghosts. Therefore, your dreams allow you to make music out of the visible and invisible realms; they enable you to bring your "sacred ghosts" or lost parts of yourself into your awareness so you can more easily integrate all aspects of yourself into one whole being.

So, specifically, how do dreams truly help you?
Well, dreams help you to...

1) Discover and reclaim your shadow--those parts of you that are unconscious; the aspects of yourself that you may have judged as negative, or bad.

2) Recognize your limiting patterns so you are able to know yourself more deeply.

3) Awaken you to the realms of mystery and to your own soul.

4) Experience change, for dreams are a road map to making choices that serve your higher good.

5) Solve problems in your relationships and face fears of intimacy.

6) Increase your self-esteem and self-perception (dreams are often referred to as the "mirror to your soul"). Your dreams show you situations where you can learn more about yourself and how others see you.

7) See your beliefs, attitudes and judgments toward yourself and others.

8) Be alert to your physical health. Dreams have the ability to show you when your body is sick and what you can to do to heal.

9) Identify warnings such as when someone has deceived you, where you have missed the meaning of something important, or how you have behaved in a way that has been hurtful to you or someone else.

10) Recognize issues that need to be addressed such as addictive behaviors, unhealed "hurts" in your relationships, taking a stand for yourself, speaking your truth, and releasing an unhealthy situation such as a job, relationship, or attitude.

Dreams are meant for you personally and so, some questions to keep asking yourself include,
  • What am I currently dealing with, or being affected by, that is reflected within my dreams?
  • What do I need to learn from my dreams so I can take the next step in my personal, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth?
Setting your intention to remember and work with your dreams is an important first step.

Suggested Exercise
Keep a dream journal (or recorder) near your bedside so you can easily record your dreams each night. Remember, even if you never recall your dreams, you're still having them. Assuming you are getting a full night's sleep, you are having 4-5 dreams each night. Dreams are recalled within seconds upon waking. And you have maybe 20 seconds to upload a dream into your long-term memory banks. Your dream journal will become a value tool as you proceed in this course.

"Learning how to remember my dreams, work with them, and understand my own personal 'dream language' has assisted me in healing some of my closest relationships and access some 'gifts' I was born with that I never knew I had! Dreams truly are a precious vehicle for healing and Laura has a profound understanding of them and how they are, in her words, 'the language of the heart and soul.'"

Do you need additional guidance, support or information?

This lesson's suggested reading:
"Cloud Nine, A Dreamer's Dictionary" by Sandra Thompson


Closing Thoughts

Keep an open mind and be willing to remember and understand your dreams for their scope and depth is immense. Dreams are like having your very own personal therapist--and, they're free!

In Our Next Lesson

Work on dream recall so you can remember them as clearly as possible.

In Peace, Love and Light,

Laura and

Your Friends at Self-Healing Expressions

"This course is an excellent resource for learning about your dreams... The lessons themselves are concise, well written and are excellent for email delivery... I recommend this course. It's well written and includes documented dream interpretation case studies that will really help you grasp the meanings. Well done!" ~ Brett Simpson, Editor of The Dreamtimes

Course Number 15; Lesson Number 1


Course Outline

Course Length: 22 lessons

Recommended Course Pace:  Weekly receipt of lessons

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About the Instructor

Laura V. Hyde Laura V. Hyde is a nationally acclaimed author, speaker and teacher. Founder of Infinite Wisdom, an organization dedicated to healing and the highest human and spiritual capacity, Laura provides spiritual counseling and soul purpose coaching. She has taught more than fifty workshops on (night-time) dreams and lectured extensively on dream analysis throughout the U.S. Her Dream Workshops examine the depths of dreams and the power they possess, the distinct "language" of dreams, and guide learners to put their (night-time) dreams to work in fulfilling their destiny. Laura authored the books Gifts of the Soul and The Intimate Soul. She is a syndicated columnist for more than 20 publications. She is based in California and her site is www.laurahyde.com.


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