Join Our Affiliate Program

By including an affiliate link on your Web site to Self-Healing Expressions, you can create another source of revenue for your online business. Whenever a customer clicks the affiliate link and makes a purchase on our site, you receive a commission of 25% on that purchase.  ClickBank, a reputable Web based e-commerce solution, calculates and processes all our sales and the commission due our affiliates, so your cut is guaranteed.

How does it work?

Just sign up once (it's 100% free).  Next, add our affiliate link to your site.  It's that simple.

What are the game rules?

  • When a prospective customer surfs from your site to ours, by clicking the Self-Healing Expressions link, and makes a credit card purchase within the next 90 days, you - the affiliate - earn a 25% commission from that purchase.

  • If this same customer makes additional purchases within the 90-day period, you earn an additional commission for each sale.

  • If more than one affiliate refers that customer to our site during that 90-day period, the commission is awarded to the most recent referrer.

  • If a sale is reversed or refunded, the affiliate loses their profit on the sale.
Click HERE for more payment details.

How do I sign-up today?

It's easy!
  1. In order to sign up as an affiliate to Self-Healing Expressions, you need to set up your ClickBank affiliate account by clicking the link below and completing the simple form.  Be sure to record your nickname.

  2. After your account is set up, put this affiliate link on your Web site.  This link should look like the one below, only inserting your account "nickname" in the appropriate place.  This link must be placed on a Web page.  It will not work in an e-mail.


    Sample text link:

    <a href="">Self-Healing Expressions</a>

    Sample image link:

    <a href=""><img src="selfheal_button117x76.jpg" width="117" height="76" border="0" alt="Self-Healing Expressions"></a>

    Below are graphics you can use on your site to link visitors to Self-Healing Expressions:

    Self-Healing Expressions

    Self-Healing Expressions

    Self-Healing Expressions Self-Healing Expressions Self-Healing Expressions

    Specific course buttons

    Living Deliberately by Marianne Parady Laughter for the Healing Heart by Lynn Shaw Healing the Environment by Judy Morgan
    A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss by Marty Tousley The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey by Marty Tousley The Energized Body Plan by Julianne Koritz
    Personal Power by Catherine Crusade A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss (email course for support & guidance) Personal Power by Catherine Crusade
    E-card buttons

    Free Sympathy E-cards Free Sympathy E-cards
    Free Sympathy E-cards Free Sympathy E-cards

    PC users: Right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As".

    Mac users: Click and hold down over the image and choose "Save This Image As".

    After you download an image, upload that graphic to your Internet service provider so it can appear on your Web site. See your ISP's documentation to learn about uploading your HTML files and graphics.

  4. Test your link.

  5. Open a link in your browser and enter your new affiliate link. This link should bring you to the Self-Healing Expressions site's course offering page. Check your location box. It should read like the line below but with your nickname:

  6. That's it!  Thanks for joining our growing list of affiliates.  You are ready to start earning commissions today!