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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
  body prayer, meaning of the lords prayer, the lords prayer in aramaic, neil douglas-klotz, aramaic lord's prayer, aramaic lords prayer, aramaic prayer, prayer study

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The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey
A Healing Journey with the Aramaic Lord's Prayer: Reclaiming the Mysticism of Jesus through His Native Language
by Neil Douglas-Klotz and Elizabeth A. Reed

This 20-lesson online course, guides you on a journey of healing with the Aramaic Lord's Prayer. Return to this ancient prayer and to Jesus' original language and original style of prayer. Become a channel of Divine love, joy, delight, healing, and peace by embracing the prayer of Jesus, as if for the first time. Learn body prayers. See what new meanings await your life!   [Learn more]   [Enroll Now]   [ Course Reviews ]

Experience Body Prayers with the Aramaic Lord's Prayer
By Elizabeth Reed, Ph.D. & Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D.

Delving into an experience with the Aramaic Lord's Prayer from a native Middle Eastern point of view, you could learn the rich sound and word meanings from Jesus' native language, Aramaic, and experience body prayers. Body Prayers connect you with spiritual practices of Middle Eastern mystics and prophets of Yeshua's time.

As a reference point, recall times when you've seen orthodox Jews pray with a rocking motion, Muslims either rocking or swaying or prostrating themselves while reciting prayers, or Native or indigenous peoples dancing in scripted dances or open ecstatic movements. All of these are contemporary expressions of the ancient practice of body prayers.

Through this process, you can understand and experience your connection with the One Being, with Sacred Unity that is at the heart of all world religions and spiritual expressions. You are invited to try the following body prayer:

You are invited to try this Body Prayer now:

A Body Prayer: Polishing the Mirror of the Heart

This body prayer comes from an ancient Sufi practice. Feel the heart as a mirror or clear pool of water. With each gentle breath in and out, feel the mirror becoming clearer.

Keep the focus within the heart.

With this heart focus, begin a gentle movement, a slight movement side to side with the upper body---this movement made by focusing on your heart as a center. Make a crescent shape as you move your upper body. This is an open crescent, open and ready to receive.

Continue to move your body gently, making this crescent from right to left, from left to right. With each movement of the body, with each crescent shape, you are polishing your heart further and further and further. Breathe with the word "qadash" (meaning "holy" or "clearing space for") as you gently move.

As you gently move back and forth, focus upon releasing the clutter of your thoughts. Release the clutter of your life. Make space for the Holy One to be received in your heart center.

Continue the gentle movement. Each movement polishes your heart and it becomes a clearer mirror. This mirror allows the holiness of the Divine to more clearly be reflected in/through/by you.

After a few minutes, feel the focus of breath and sensation in the heart as a sacred space, an altar. Experience this creative spaciousness. As you sit in silence, be aware of any images or sensations that appear there from the One Being.

(This body prayer adapted from Desert Wisdom by Neil Douglas-Klotz, p.54. Adapted and used with permission.)

Copyright © 2006 Elizabeth A. Reed & Neil Douglas-Klotz. All rights reserved.