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Bonus Gift 1

Soup Recipes:
To Warm the Heart and Soul

By June Cook & Julianne Koritz

Soup Recipes: To Warm the Heart and Soul

Prepared with intention, soups can provide health and healing for the body, mind and spirit. As the body intuitively knows what it needs for health and healing, listen to the whispers from your soul and incorporate the ingredients that call to you as you prepare your soup. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite soup recipes and that they will warm your heart and soul. (30-page ebook)
Bonus Gift 2

Explaining the Funeral / Memorial Service to Your Children
By Marty Tousley
Certified hospice bereavement counselor

Explaining the Funeral / Memorial Service to Your Children

If this is your family's first experience with death, you may be wondering how and even whether to include your children in the rituals of grief and mourning for the person who has died. You may have many questions about how best to meet your children's needs at such a sad and difficult time. This booklet is intended to help you answer some of those questions. (19-page ebook)

Bonus Gift 3

Get Ready for Your Soulmate
Get Ready for Your Soulmate
by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

This 'how to' soulmate workbook covers topics such as:
  • Soul Mates in Mythology and Religion
  • What is a Soul Mate?
  • How to Take Responsibility and Do Your Part
  • How to Acknowledge and Slay Personal Dragons
  • How to Pay Attention to Signals and Intuition
  • How to Develop the Capacity to Identify True Love
And much more, including access to an audio soulmate meditation by Rev. Laurie Sue. All designed to help you draw in your true love. (Downloadable eBook)
Bonus Gift 4

Online Dream Journal
By Laura Grace

Online Dream Journal

All of the characters in your nightly dreams, like all of the people in your life, appear to you to help you learn more about yourself. Access this online journal (also used in the Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul course) to help you organize and record your nightly dreams in a digital format. Since dream characters are such a significant part of understanding your nightly dreams, keeping a record of this information can provide valuable insights into the messages from your soul. (Online Learner's Tool)

Bonus Gift 5

Downloadable Bagua Map
by Deborah Redfern, Feng Shui Practitioner

Downloadable Bagua Map

A common method to begin applying feng shui principles to your house is the bagua map. The bagua template is a tool used in feng shui to focus intention. It is an energy map that uses color, shapes and symbols to bring energy to specific areas of your house. Start using this downloadable Bagua Map in your home today! (Downloadable form)
Bonus Gift 6

Coping with Pet Loss: Answers to Questions from Grieving Animal Lovers
Coping with Pet Loss: Answers to Questions from Grieving Animal Lovers
By Marty Tousley, Bereavement Counselor

Whether struggling with an animal companion's chronic illness, facing a decision about euthanasia, or mourning the loss of a cherished pet, most animal lovers are shocked and overwhelmed by the intensity of their reactions. They wonder if it is normal to feel the loss of a companion animal so deeply. Learn the answers to some frequently asked questions. (30-page ebook)

Bonus Gift 7

Creating Your Power Song for Healing

Creating Your Power Song for Healing
By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Power Songs are oral prayers expressing your true self, your nature, your individuality, your power. Power songs can be used in preparation for journeying, healing, offering Reiki, praying, grounding, for protection, for celebration, or for solace. Let this book guide you in creating your own power song. Learn the sounds and essence of a power song for healing.
(19-page ebook with audio)   Ebook also contains audio

Bonus Gift 8

Your Life Purpose Workbook

Your Life Purpose Workbook
By Melanie Votaw

Sometimes when life presents us with challenges (a layoff, financial issues, unexpected obstacles...), life is really presenting us with an opportunity for a new direction. Evaluate your true essence, clear negativity, embrace the art of manifestation, and create (or affirm) a road map toward your life purpose today! (Downloadable eBook)

Bonus Gift 9

A Writing Resource Guide
By Sandra Schubert

A Writing Resource Guide

Seasoned or budding writers can access over 100 websites, books and online writing programs with the click of a link. This Guide opens with useful writing tips and is followed by pages of terrific resources.
Sandra has taken the time to review, organize and summarize a slew of helpful and supportive websites, books, and online writing programs for you.
Bonus Gift 10

The Aramaic Lord's Prayer
by Elizabeth A. Reed
co-created with Neil Douglas-Klotz

The Aramaic Lord's Prayer

Reclaim the mysticism of Jesus through his native language. Hear the Lord's Prayer spoken in Aramaic and read a translation from Aramaic to English. Featuring music by Akbar Eric Manolson. See what new meanings await your life. (Flash show with audio)

Bonus Gift 11

Laughter Therapy ~

Laughter Therapy ~ Tele-seminar/Interview

Listen to several audios about or by Lynn Shaw. Audios include part of a tele-seminar and a radio interview with Lynn. Lynn will motivate you to develop a fresh "funspective" on how laughter, humor, and play can help you shift towards a positive attitude and sense of well being. (Downloadable audios - Mp3 available)

Bonus Gift 12

Edible Herbs that Heal:
Herbs for Weight Loss, Digestion, Memory, Blood Purification, Blood Sugar Levels & More!
by Lana J. Thomas

Edible Herbs that Heal

One of the first steps in study herbs is to create a personal connection to the plant world. One way to do this is by eating more herbs and to begin understanding their healing value. There are many wonderful edible herbs that your body will love you for but this ebook provides you with a short list to get you started on this amazing healing journey. (Downloadable eBook)

Bonus Gift 13

Miracles Meditation:
You Have the Answers

by Laurie E. Smith, Miracles Coach

Miracles Meditation: You Have the Answers
Embark on a journey designed to help you connect with an all-knowing, miraculous, quiet energy within you. During this guided miracles meditation, you will have the chance to invite a miraculous power to flow through your life in wondrous ways. Prepare to discover how miraculous you really are! (Downloadable guided audio meditation Mp3 available)
Bonus Gift 14

Through the Mist:
Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Linda Pendleton

Through the Mist: Light at the End of the Tunnel

The near-death experience (NDE) is discussed by author Linda Pendleton, whose late husband Don had two near-death experiences, once in 1979 and again in 1991. She details the experiences he shared with her and the spiritual beings he met in another dimension. This book offers a glimpse of what lies ahead and provides a sense of comfort about the death process. (26-page ebook)

Bonus Gift 15

Holistic Prayers: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Through Prayer
Holistic Prayers: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Through Prayer
By June S. Cook

This online course seeks to guide and support inward journeys leading to peace and healing using interfaith prayers. By embracing prayers of different religious traditions and grasping their spiritual underpinnings, we dissolve the barriers separating us and replace separateness with unity. (32 lessons delivered to your inbox)

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