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  brain tumor, brain tumors, brain tumor forum, online brain tumor support group, brain tumor articles

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"Having a brain tumor changed my life for the better."
~ Brain tumor support group member

Strategies for Coping with a Debilitating Illness
By Arthur Soissons-Segal, Ph.D. ~ Therapist and Brain Tumor Survivor

The effects of a brain tumor or debilitating disease take hold of your life with the suddenness of a violent earthquake. And similar to the aftermath of an earthquake, a rebuilding is called for. Just as we rebuild homes and cities, the person with a disability or debilitating disease must rebuild his or herself.

Many of you believe you are disabled. You have a medical diagnosis to justify your disability condition, but how disabled are you? You may suffer from a disease or the effects of a brain tumor, which has severely limited your way of life but do you have abilities with which you can enjoy a new life?

Coloring Your Life with Your Abilities

Embracing ones abilities versus disability has helped many dismantle the "disability prison" in which they were jailed. Lives disrupted and taken apart by a brain tumor or another serious medical problems - some life threatening.

You may have developed your life around your disabilities but there is an alternative. You can color your life with your abilities. As you proceed with your healing journey, you can choose to confront the challenges of your own limitations and define your goals to develop a new self.

Taking the First Step

Visualization in healing is an effective tool to help break up blockages, heal wounds, and deal with emotional pain and suffering. Focus on your breath as you quiet your mind. Relax your body and envision a healing path. A path bordered by colorful flowers, flowing waters, and songbirds. Envision yourself taking the first step on this healing path. This is the first step in the joy of coping.

Many people believe that physical and/or psychiatric limitations are equated to a life of the living dead. How wrong! Disability is a biological term to describe a medical condition. Limitations are psychological boundaries that we acknowledge and to which we subscribe. You can maintain your subscription, you can expand the subscription or you can cancel the subscription. What are the advantages of your decision?

Excerpted from Arthur Soissons-Segal's email course, The Joy of Coping: When Disability Knocks You for a Loop. The course goal is to help those struggling with the effects of brain tumors or debilitating illness experience a better quality of life: one that is meaningful and dignified. Learn more here:

The Joy of Coping: When Disabilty Knocks Your for a Loop. features a disability ~ brain tumor forum.

This forum permits interaction with course instructor and therapist, Arthur Soissons-Segal, Ph.D. and other course students. Connect with others and share experiences and solutions.

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