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  self care, self healing, colors for healing, starting your day right, morning ritual

Color Meditation ~ Color Healing with Feng Shui

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Attract new opportunities, increased abundance and success using feng shui and color to create balance and harmony in your home and life. Color can deplete, depress or enhance. This course guides you to create a plan for home décor that honors you and supports healing, recovery and well-being.

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Embracing Color Healing
with a Rainbow Meditation

By Deborah Redfern

Do you have a favorite color you like to wear when you feel down, or when you are ill? Have you ever noticed there are colors that give you energy, and other colors that calm you? If you answered yes, you are benefiting from the healing power of color. Many of you have probably already done some color healing intuitively.

Light and Color Waves
Color is light waves from the sun. You can only see a small portion of these light waves called the electromagnetic spectrum however the waves you cannot see such as x-rays, microwaves and ultraviolet affect you physically as do color waves. Color and light are intrinsically bound. Objects themselves do not have a color of their own -- it is the light from the sun reflected off the surface that gives something its color. A leaf appears green because it reflects green and absorbs all the other colors of the light.

People too reflect and absorb light. You are both a receiver and a transmitter of light. You absorb light and color waves and you give off light through your aura. Your aura is your personal electro-magnetic field.

Light and color waves are absorbed deeply into your body affecting the pituitary and pineal glands and the hypothalamus, which each have a profound influence on your health and well being.

Although we think of color as a tangible sense connected with eyesight, color is a vibration. You do not need to physically see color to be affected by it. Experiments with blind people have shown that both sighted and non-sighted people experienced higher blood pressure when subjected to the color red. As well, many blind people have the ability to differentiate between colors, and most people can learn how to do this too.

Examples Color Healing
Color affects blood pressure, pulse and respiratory rate. Enzymes and hormones are affected by color. It can decrease the perception of physical and mental pain. It can be used to reduce fever and swelling and help you sleep. Color can change your emotional state in many ways - by giving you an energy boost, calming you down, or increasing your confidence and self-worth. Color can also ease feelings of melancholy and depression. Social functioning is altered by color, helping you communicate more effectively, be more social, make decisions more easily, and increase powers of concentration and problem solving. In short, there is no bodily system that color does not affect.

Simply by using color with conscious intent, you bring healing energy into your body. The color of your clothing is the most immediate way to bring specific colors into your body, as your skin absorbs the color waves. Colored lights and color acupuncture are also used for color healing. You can also meditate on the color and breathe in color with a color meditation.

Color Meditation
Try this color healing rainbow meditation now and notice how you feel afterwards.

Introduction/Preparation   (1:49 min.)
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Rainbow Color Meditation   (4:31 min.)
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You are invited to share your observations and feelings with others after doing the above color meditation.

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