Self-Healing Expressions
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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
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Self-Healing Expressions
(a.k.a, E-mail Expressions, LLC)

Company Fact Sheet

To educate and empower people towards greater health, happiness, and well-being; to provide expert technical and marketing support to those with messages of healing, health, hope and peace.

E-mail Expressions, LLC
210 Leeds Ct
New Hope, PA 18938


Core Business
Self-Healing Expressions reaches and teaches seekers of mind body spirit philosophies, approaches and resources via e-mail lessons. Serving those ready to improve or heal their health, hearts, and life by being proactive in the process. The e-mail lessons serve to introduce or reinforce self-help information.

The company seeks to serve and partner with gifted teachers, healers and authors by providing them with a unique technological vehicle that promotes and distributes their healing message to people via e-mail. Content Providers earn royalties on their course sales.

Target Markets
Self-Healing Expressions seeks to serve two markets:
  1) Online Public - seekers of mind body spirit self-help messages
  2) Authors, counselors, healers, etc. (with Web sites) who have a self-help or self-healing message - To develop course content and partner with the company.

The unique web-based database created by Self-Healing Expressions makes the following possible:
  1) Delivery of self-help courses via e-mail. So, even the passive learner "gets the message" since more people access e-mail daily than go online. Lessons are delivered in sequences. This enables learners to build on skills or messages previously presented. Learner also determines course start date, the pace and interval of lesson delivery (i.e., daily, weekly or bi-weekly). So lesson delivery suits the learner's lifestyle not the web operator's schedule. This allows learners to proceed as various paces. This self-paced e-learning solution is superior to the weekly newsletter idea in which the group must proceed at the same pace, determined by the Web site.
  2) Content providers easily upload, develop and format e-learning course lessons. The password-protected database is operational 24/7 and contains:
  • Online lesson builder
  • Editing features
  • Customer archives
  • Automated e-mail delivery system
  • Compensation reports (to track course enrollments and royalties).
Furthermore, each lesson contains a Resources Section in which relevant books, web sites, online articles, etc. may be inputted. Providing the content provider with a promotional tool for their book and/or web site.


Self-Healing Expressions empowers teachers and authors of mind body spirit material to spread their message of healing, health, hope and/or peace by becoming a content provider. The company invites its content providers with Web sites to join their Partners program. Partners may offer their e-learning course from their own Web site as well as the company's site. The company handles the technical backend for the Partners including order processing and course delivery. The company handles administrative and any delivery issues associated with course orders.

The site also sponsors an affiliate program.


    June Soyka Cook, Co-founder, President and CEO

    Ken Cook, Co-founder, Vice President and CFO

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Funding Source
Self-Healing Expressions is a privately held company.