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Living Mindfully

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Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness 
Living Mindfully: A Path to Wholeness
By Deanna Reynolds

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Are you feeling...

      Anxious? Maybe because you can't pay the bills?
      Outraged when someone cuts you off in traffic?
      Impatient whenever you have to wait in line?
      Angry more often than content?
      Neglected by a spouse or significant other?
      Overwhelmed by all life's demands?

If you checked any of the boxes above, read on.

When you live mindfully, you take yourself off autopilot because you understand (and believe) that no one has the power to affect how you feel except you. Your emotions are your own.

Mindful living is all about making conscious choices. For example, you are invited right now to make the choice to enroll in this online course. In doing so, you would be taking a proactive step towards shifting your current outlook – which could well lead to a shift in positive outcomes over the next 30–60 days. On this journey, you will be compassionately and thoughtfully guided in recognizing and evaluating your role in creating your current situations, moods, and life.

Through a five step process presented in these lessons, you will be empowered to start anew; learning how to consciously co-create new realities.... realities with a more positive, creative, and hopeful outlook and outcome. And, you'll learn to be okay with your current realities.

What are the benefits to enrolling in this course?
Others who have applied this five step process have experienced:
  • Increased tolerance and self acceptance.
  • Improved relationships.
  • New brain connections and awareness.
  • More positive responses to daily stresses.
  • Life without the "high drama" and chaos.
  • Greater sense of self and inner peace.

Course Objectives
This online course is based on Deanna's live Conscious Living Workshop. On this journey towards mindful living, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Examine and practice the art of observing.
  • Evaluate your belief systems and breakdown negative beliefs.
  • Identify and overcome your fears.
  • Review and practice the power of affirmations for self-acceptance and positive outcomes.
  • Embrace the blessings in your life.
  • Actively practice daydreaming for some very important reasons.
  • Discover how to take inspired action.
  • Open your heart and life to calm, inner peace and joy.

15 Lessons
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Recommended Course Pace: Weekly.
A longer time between lessons gives you time to complete the exercises recommended in each. This extended time also gives your consciousness the breathing room it needs to fully assimilate the new ideas presented.

Special Course Features
With this course, you will also receive access to:
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Why e-learning?

Reportedly, e-learning results in a higher rate of information retention – with students demonstrating a 60% faster learning curve than those in instructor led classes. And, in contrast to a Web seminar, teleconference, or traditional class, our lesson delivery suits your lifestyle and schedule!

Deanna Reynolds combines the linear thinking that comes from experience as a technology professional with the creative balance of a spiritual coach and energy therapist to offer spiritual food-for-thought and growth in the form of coaching, eBooks and workshops.

Throughout her life and career, whether it's technology or spirituality, Deanna is a teacher and author at heart. She is certified in Healing Touch (a five-year process) and is a highly sought after Spiritual Life Coach. She is also the author of Conscious Earning: A Path to Quadrupling Income in One Year.


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