Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Spiritual Tools to Counter Emotional Negativity

By Christine Fadhley ©

Negative emotions can literally make you ill. In order to change negative attitudes, you can use spiritual tools in the form of positive emotions to transmute and transform them.

Count these Negative Emotions With...


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Compassion and Forgiveness

When we are angry it may lead us to react angrily, and carry harmful thoughts with us. We acquire more "bad karma" and attract negative energy into our spirit that can cause disease. To combat anger, you may use the tools of Compassion and Forgiveness.

Life is complex, challenging and fraught with pitfalls. Because of this, we all make mistakes as we try to navigate through this journey. Making mistakes is normal, but unfortunately often our mistakes hurt others and theirs hurt us. Remembering that we are all in the same leaky boat helps one to feel compassion for others. Before you get upset or angry with somebody, remember that they are probably doing the best they can based on their own difficult life experiences. Open your heart to them with the forgiveness of compassion, just as you would wish to be understood and forgiven.




It may be hard to forgive those who have harmed us, but it is essential for healing. Unforgiveness lodges in the spirit body causing disease.

Forgiveness is a two stage process. Firstly decide that you have intellectually forgiven them and then you allow the emotions time to process. Try not to be frustrated with yourself if healing the emotions takes longer than you would like. Remembering that we all mess up from time to time may help. If we want to be forgiven, it is essential that we show we are able to forgive others first.


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Gratitude, Generosity

It is easy to fall into this trap when there seems to be so much inequality in the world. However one way to overcome jealousy is to use the tool Gratitude. Every day think of 10 things to be grateful for in your life and this will attract abundance.

Also, use the tool of Generosity. The more you share, the more good things will be attracted into your life.


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Being selfish or self-centered closes our eyes to the needs of others and breeds discontent. Using the tool of Compassion, we can open our eyes to how others feel. Using the tool of Generosity makes you happier and you'll have more friends and better relationships.


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Forgiveness and Compassion

Closely connected to anger and jealousy, this emotion is often based on incorrect thinking and selfishness. Again, it will cause energy disturbances in the mind and emotions and so it's important to use Forgiveness and Compassion to combat this emotion.



Closely linked to anger, hatred and unforgiveness, this emotion is a powerful desire to inflict the pain one is feeling on the other party who we feel (rightly or wrongly) caused it. It includes spitefulness which is that emotion that wants to get revenge through petty deeds and hateful words. It is an emotion that eats into one's health and attracts spiritual negativity into the aura. To combat it, you could realize that it is the Godhead who metes out punishment through the "eternal balance sheet" not us. Some people might refer to this as Karma.




Pride is a need to feel superior to others for some reason. There are many sorts of pride and each one is a trap, e.g. individual pride, pride in one's family, nation or sport team. Each type of pride sets one up for a fall because it is an illusion based on false dualistic assumptions such as success/failure, superior/inferior. Use the tool of Non-judgment to combat dualistic thinking.

Christine Fadhley is a holistic healing in the United Kingdom and author and instructor of the healing course, Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality at She is also the author of several holistic healing ebooks.