Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Create Vitality!

Spirit Body

Lesson 14 Web tool: Putting Off the Old and Putting On the New

By Christine Fadhley ©

Create vitality by consciously rid yourselves of negative programming and asking to be endowed with a whole new set of emotions, attitudes and consequently, a much healthier and happier future. This exercise has two parts: "Putting Off" emotions that are unhelpful and "Putting On" a positive and healing emotion.

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1. Write or type a list of the negative feelings that you inherited from your parents.

For example: Growing up not long after the end of the Second World War in the UK, people were very anxious. I absorbed that anxiety from my parents and it manifested in my life as a constant nervousness which usually undermined whatever I was doing. Then I became convinced that I was a failure at anything I tried!

2. Identify one negative feeling or emotion that you have absorbed from your parents.

For example: Anxiety

3. Identify a positive emotion to be the antidote for the negative emotion above.

For example: Peace

Next we want to drop in the negative or positive emotions in to the below prayers.

Part 1 ~ Putting Off the Old Nature of

Use the negative emotion (from number 2 above) and input it in the below prayer. Say the prayer.

I prayerfully ask the Source of Love and Light to release from my spirit, soul and body. Please search my spirit to find the roots of and remove them completely and utterly, now and forever. Please bring me into harmony with your original blueprint for my existence. Please rid me of every cellular memory caused by in any organ or structure in my body and heal me completely from the feeling of . I send you away forever.

Sit quietly for a few minutes and allow this to happen. Notice and note in your journal any sensations or impressions that you have.

Part 2 ~ Putting On the New Nature of

Use the positive emotion (from number 3 above) and input it in the below prayer. Say the prayer.

I choose to put on the nature of . I am a child of the Light. I am blessed by the Source of Love and Light. Goodness and Love abound in my life. I choose to feel and I choose to speak . Through Grace I trust that will manifest in my life. Thank you.

Sit quietly again and be aware of what is happening. Note it in your journal.

As you say the prayer, you may become aware of other related emotions that need to be cleared. For example, fear of failure and low confidence. And for each of these emotions, identify a positive emotion to put on. The emotion of love is a great healer and so can be used to counteract emotions such as hate, jealousy, pride, etc. Review the printable webtool from lesson 5 if you need help in selecting the positive emotion to counter the negative emotion.

You may need to go through the exercise many times, depending upon how many negative emotions have been absorbed into your spirit.

If you are not already enrolled in this healing course, you are invited join in today!

Christine Fadhley is a holistic healing in the United Kingdom and author of several holistic healing ebooks. She is also the author and instructor of the healing course, Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality at Self Healing Expressions.