Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality

Connecting Illness and Dis-ease to its Spiritual Root

Lesson 1 Web Tool

By Christine Fadhley

This webtool exercise is part of lesson 1 of the healing course Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality.

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It is crucial that one appreciates the role of the human spirit in maintaining health. Dis-ease of the spirit body can cause symptoms on either the physical or mental/emotional levels. Are you in a healthy or unhealthy state?

Consider your own current (or past) state of health as you review what is deemed a healthy versus an unhealthy state, After inputting your information into the text boxes provided, print this out for your course notebook.

Healthy State Energetic, good temperature regulation, good digestion, strong, healthy elimination system, stable weight, stamina, healthy hair and skin Feeling happy, fulfilled, contented. Emotional strength, able to cope and flexible attitude to difficulties, good relationships. Justifiable feelings. Feeling calm, optimistic, light hearted, sense of humor, ability to take care of others, feeling peace and a connection to the rest of existence
Unhealthy State Lack of energy, weak, poor temperature control, poor digestion, pain, bloating, increasing weight, poor immunity, inflammation and infections, joint or muscular pains due to physical work, thinning hair, bad skin Toxic feelings, negativity, e.g. jealousy, low self esteem, self blame, unreasonable anger and hatred. Inability to plan ahead or to complete tasks. Greed, selfishness, judgemental attitude. Nightmares, unfounded fears or anxieties, heavy head, fuzzy mind, migraines, persistent pain with no obvious physical cause, neuroses, depression, obsessions, visual problems, hearing problems, etc.
Your current Healthy state

Your current Unhealthy state

Note past periods when you’ve experienced a healthy states of body, mind and spirit.
Note past periods when you’ve experienced an unhealthy state of body, mind or spirit. What was the cause in your mind?

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Christine Fadhley is a holistic healing in the United Kingdom and author of several holistic healing ebooks. She is also the author and instructor of the healing course, Healing the Spirit Body to Create Vitality at Self Healing Expressions.