Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Are You Blocking Your Manifestation And Healing Abilities?

The Power of Visualization:
Tools for Manifestation and Healing

By Amie Lynn Escher

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Empower Yourself!

  • Create visions with the potential to heal and manifest awesome outcomes for yourself!
  • Replace negative or anxiety producing thoughts and visions with amazingly positive ones.
  • Discover and practice the elements of a GREAT visualization.
In this 13 lesson course, you will discover powerful tools and techniques for manifestation and healing. After understanding how your amazing mind actually works and the role you play in creating a given outcome, you will be guided to create a powerful visualization practice for yourself!

In these lessons, you will discover:
  • How your mind really works.
  • Your role as a powerful creator.
  • Simple instructions to a regular meditation practice, which will support you for your visualization practice.
  • How to recognize when you block your own manifestation and healing abilities.
  • Solutions to transcend such obstacles.
  • How to create quick results through proven visualizations for creation and healing.
  • How to track your progress to give you the confidence to persevere.
Lessons include a mix of instruction, inspiring case studies, and exercises in the form of downloadable worksheets, interactive webtools, printable forms, PDFs and/or audio guided meditations. This course also comes with wonderful "bonuses" listed below this.

This course includes:
Downloadable Audios

Downloadable Audios

Guided meditations
(Various lessons)
Interactive Web Tools

Interactive Web Tools

(Various Lessons)
Downloadable PDFs

Downloadable PDFs

(Various lessons)
13 Lessons
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13 Lessons
Course lessons arrive in your inbox on your PC or device, starting on the day and at the delivery pace you select. You will find links to webtools, bonuses or extras within the lesson.

Look What else Comes with this Course!

Cognitive Distortions PDF


by Amie Escher

Discover how you personally distort your perception of a given situation so you can take steps to alter your internal conversation with yourself! (Access in lesson 2)

Guided Meditation Audio ~ Intention Visualization with Affirmations

Combining creative visualization and affirmations

Audio by Amie Escher

This meditation guides you to blend an affirmation with your intention to add extra punch to your visualization. (Downloadable, access audio in lesson 8) Audio

Guided Meditation for Healing Intentions

Where the mind goes...

Audio by Amie Escher

This particular guided meditation guides you to create healing intentions using images instead of affirmations for your visualization. (Downloadable, access audio in lesson 9) Audio

Intention, Goal, and Affirmations

Intention, Goal, and Affirmations

by Amie Escher ©

Edit, print and post affirmations and intentions for each area of your life;
edit these to resonate with your personal path. (Access in lesson 13)
PDF [7 pages]

Free Quotes Book

Free Quotes Book

This inspiring ebook, Tools for Manifestation and Healing Quotes, was created specifically for students of this course by course author and instructor Amie Escher. These carefully selected quotes followed by though provoking comments can help you reflect on your progress, actions, and keep you motivated in the days to come. (Access in lesson 13) PDF [50 pages]

Two Integrative Guided Meditation Movies

Integrative meditation 1 Integrative meditation 2

Restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit with two guided meditations by Amie Escher. You have the option to listen to the audio while you focus on the images on your screen or close your eyes and sink into the moment. Either way, Amie's calming voice guides you on a healing journey inward. There are two meditations for 30 minutes of calm and inner peace. In the "Your Authentic Self" meditation, Amie makes use of relaxation techniques followed by inward exploration of values and intentions; this is followed by a series of powerful affirmations. In the second meditation, you are guide through the chakra system for clearing and rebalancing; this too is followed by a series of powerful affirmations. ((Downloadable, access in lesson 13)

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Amie Escher

Amie Escher, Msc.D. is a life coach specializing in Soul Awareness. With this specialization, she helps clients shape their spiritual life purpose, open divine communication channels between Angels and Spirit Guides, undo limiting beliefs, and helps clients learn to trust intuitive guidance. Escher holds her Doctorate degree in Metaphysical Science and an Ordained Ministers Certification. She is also the author of 50 Important Truths to Remember: A Little Book for a Big Awakening and a Certified Reiki Practitioner. Her personal mission is to provide a universal awakening of our higher selves through life changing services, courses, and workshops. Her Self Healing Expressions course is The Power of Visualization: Tools for Manifestation and Healing.

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