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Self-Healing Expressions
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Are you proactively creating your own romantic destiny?

Soulmate Course      

Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate:
Transforming Your Romantic Destiny with A Romantic Resume

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

(Audio Message from Course Instructor)

quotes The Romantic Resume course helped me clarify what it is that I truly seek in a romantic relationship and what I bring to it. It asked questions that I hadn't thought to ask. I definitely recommend this course to others!
~ Karen, North Carolina quotes
Asking yourself, Will I ever find love?

Are you stuck in a love rut?
Find yourself yearning for that special someone?
Having a tough time meeting the "right" person?
Pondering questions like, how to find true love?
Frustrated by chronic patterns that repeat themselves over and over again in relationships?
Do you feel ready – truly ready – to meet your soul mate?

If you checked off just one of the above boxes, read on!

Many of us grow up counting on a fairytale romance, where love magically happens without effort. Sometimes we just coast along wishing and hoping for that happy ending. While it is healthy to believe in the miracles and magic of love, it is also possible to be practical and proactive in creating your own romantic destiny. The search for true love is a lot smoother and healthier if you know exactly what you seek in a relationship. Once you have this clarity, you can literally put a casting call out to the Universe for that fabulous co-star!

This soulmate course is a Soul mate Project in which you use your intellect, emotions and spirit to clarify and put forth your intentions for love. In this uplifting and supportive course, you will be carefully guided to construct your personal Romantic Resume based on your soul's desire for true and lasting love. You will also learn many spiritual tools to draw in your soul mate. This is an approach probably unlike any other you've tried to date but worth every ounce of effort and energy.

Soulmate Course Special Features ~
Access to special features will be provided within the lesson(s) they pertain to.

Online Romantic Resume Builder

Online Romantic Resume Builder to find your soulmate (lesson 25)

Romantic Resume Questionnaire

Web Tool: Romantic Resume Questionnaire (lessons 9 – 24)

Intention Wall

Intention Wall for True Love
(lesson 1)
Let others help add energy to your quest for true love

Love meditation

Affirmations and Meditation for drawing in true love.

Exercises to clear energetic blocks

Exercises to clear and release energetic blocks.
Visualization and meditation exercises

Visualization & Meditation exercises

Just take a look at some of the  testimonials sent in about this soulmate course...

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Soulmate Course Objectives
  • Learn an alternative approach towards love, while examining the traits you value in your "ideal" mate – from the physical, to the practical, to the spiritual.
  • Evaluate and be guided on how to liberate yourself for new love by releasing past relationships – an important stepping-stone for your future.
  • Deeply explore your preference on issues such as living habits, religion, work styles, finances, compatibility, commitment, and personality – to name a few.
  • Learn meditations, affirmations and prayers for drawing in your soulful love.

You will gain clarity on many issues you probably hadn't considered before. Finally, in a surprisingly simple manner, pull together this newfound clarity to create your own personalized Romantic Resume – thereby planting the seeds for the romance of a lifetime.

30 Lessons
[mouse over to see course syllabus]

Recommended Course Pace: daily receipt of lessons

Author's note to learners regarding the recommended course pace:

If you don't have time to "do your daily mini-assignments," take a moment to focus, pray or wish daily in the framework of the course. You can always play catch-up a few days later. Receiving daily lessons serves as a symbolic gesture of your commitment; help to build momentum and guide your subconscious mind to focus on your heart's desire.

Look What else Comes with this Course!

Get Ready for Your Soulmate

Get Ready for Your Soulmate: The Soul Mate Workbook

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

This Soulmate Workbook helps prepare singles for their soul mate and answers questions like:
  • What's my role for preparing for soulful love?
  • What about my "emotional baggage?"
  • What do I have to pay attention to?
  • How do I identify true love?
  • What's the mythology that guides me?
  • How do I feel about being single?
  • How can I get closer to the love I desire?
  • What is the right time and pace?

PDF (Downloadable PDF ebook - 25 pages)

Available in Lesson 1

Feng Shui Your Way to Your Soul Mate: The Secret Path to Love and Marriage

Feng Shui Your Way to Your Soul Mate:  The Secret Path to Love and Marriage

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

  • Is your love life is at a standstill?
  • Do things seem out of balance and off-centered?
  • Are you feeling stuck in the lack-of-relationship blues?
  • Does life in general look a little messy?
If so, it may be time for a spring cleaning of the heart and soul! Correct "mistakes" in your life and home that may deter love from knocking at your door. Making your life and home a soul mate-friendly place is productive and fun! This 46 page ebook with graphics walks you through the process.

PDF (Downloadable PDF ebook - 46 pages)

Available in Lesson 19

Heart Opening Chant

Heart Opening Chant

by Ana Hernandez & Ruth Cunningham

This uplifting chant moves the heart to its innate state of openness, compassion and peace. Gifted "Song Healers" Ana and Ruth have been collaborating performers and sound healers since 2001. They have facilitated experiences of healing sound and chant at conferences, workshops, and concerts, and are often called upon to create innovative liturgies. This particular chant (track 5) is from their CD, Harc: Inside Chants. The work of HARC came out of their individual practice and experience with chanting and sacred sound, and their desire to share with others the potential of sound and music to transform lives.

(Downloadable MP3 audio)

Available in Lesson 26

Rituals for Love and Romance

Rituals for Love ebook

Attract Your Soul Mate with
Self-Love and Ceremony

by Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Learn an array of love rituals, ceremonies, and meditations that can support you in loving yourself and attracting your soul mate! In this 70 page PDF ebook, you will be guided to create, personalize, and perform rituals, ceremonies, exercises and meditations designed to help you heal and release unresolved issues that stand between you and true love. Rituals help us connect to the sacred and extraordinary and they also help us to bring divine energy into our daily lives. They allow our souls to immerse in a spiritual experience and they empower our subconscious minds to manifest a new reality. Discover powerful love rituals, meditations, and exercises to draw in and attract your soul mate.

You will also find some true soul mate success stories – sure to inspire – in this ebook!

PDF (Downloadable PDF ebook - 71 pages)

Available in Lesson 27

Heart Opening Meditation

Heart Opening Meditation

by Rev. Victor Fuhrman

Be guided to open your heart to yourself. Rev. Victor Fuhrman guides you through a meditation to help you experience love for yourself in a deep and profound way. His deep, encouraging voice speaks to your soul with the message that loving yourself is an essential experience that prepares you to open your heart to another. Finding and activating the special love that dwells deep within you also helps activate the spiritual energy that will help you attract and draw in your soul mate to you; someone who will recognize that love and reflect it back to you.

(Downloadable MP3 audio)

Available in Lesson 28

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Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway has always believed in soul mates. She is a New York City wedding officiant, journalist and author who has guided thousands of singles toward true love and hundreds of couples on their journey to the altar. New York Magazine lists her as one the top interfaith officiants in the NY. For over 15 years, she has helped couples and families manage: wedding engagements, conflicts and strategies for reducing wedding stress. She has written extensively on love, romance, sex, marriage and weddings and is widely recognized as a relationship expert and respected specialist in interfaith, intercultural and highly personalized nondenominational weddings.

She began her career, years prior to her ordination, as an advice columnist, reporter, and then served as Editor-in-Chief at two national magazines. She continues to be called upon to share her insights on love, relationships, soul mates, and marriage as an online columnist and editor. Most recently, she served as Love and Family Editor at the award-winning multi-faith website and Emotional and Sexual Health Editor at

She is currently a columnist for The Huffington Post and is the author of 13 books, including Your Perfect Wedding Vows, Your Interfaith Wedding: A Guide to Blending Faiths, Cultures and Personal Values into One Beautiful Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Goddess: A Divine Guide to Transforming Wedding Stress Into Wedding Bliss. And she is the author and instructor of these popular courses:

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