Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

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Dreams for Healing

Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul

Learn your personal dream language and let it assist you in healing relationships, your body, and life by discovering the longings of your soul. Learn to recall and interpret your dreams, the language of the heart and soul, to heal your heart, body and life in this online dream interpretation course.
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Putting a Dream Dictionary into Perspective

By Laura Grace

Rich with symbols, archetypes and metaphoric meaning, dreams are an invaluable healing instrument, and when regularly used and understood, are pathways to higher consciousness, healed relationships, health, fulfilling your life's purpose and greater abundance.

While a dream dictionary may provide insights into the meaning of a dream, they do not possess the complete capacity for accurately interpreting your dreams. Your dream symbols are aspects of you and you possess the ultimate ability to interpret them. You can start by keeping a dream journal on your nightstand to record your dreams and tapping into these messages your soulful self is trying to teach you. Having said that, here's a dream dictionary of are some common dream themes.

Dream Dictionary of Common Dream Themes

Remember, the best dream dictionary is in your mind, body and soul!

  1. Missing a plane, train, or other vehicle. Dream interpretation: running out of time, "missing out" on something that is important, not making enough time to fulfill life's purpose.

  2. Sexual Experiences. Dream interpretation: could relate to unfulfilled sexual desires, fears or to one's sexuality depending upon what is occurring in the dreamer's life.

  3. Being Pursued. Dream interpretation: feeling powerless over a situation, event or issue. An unwillingness to face an issue, a need to escape.

  4. Finding Money. Dream interpretation: relates to the dreamer's sense of abundance and self-worth. What is most important is how does the dreamer feel when finding the money and what is the environment in which it is found?

  5. Falling. Dream interpretation: unsure of foundation, feeling out of control, powerless.

  6. Flying. Dream interpretation: wanting to escape or "rise" above a situation. Feeling powerful and in control. Wanting more freedom (this especially pertains to the elderly who are wanting to escape the limitations of their aging bodies).

  7. Nude in Public. Dream interpretation: exposure, embarrassment, coming to terms with self (depends on what part of body is nude...genitals = sexual activities are being exposed or about to be...chest = emotions, feelings, hopes and dreams...feet = basic beliefs are uncovered.

  8. Taking an Exam. Dream interpretation: feeling "tested," wanting to "pass", not feeling prepared for some event.

  9. Teeth Falling Out. Dream interpretation: something you've said that you regret or was hurtful to yourself or someone else.

  10. Dream Characters Changing into Someone/Something Else. Dream interpretation: aspect of the dreamer changing.

  11. Needing to go the bathroom (this one comes up a lot in workshops). Dream interpretation: need for eliminating something (belief, behavior, attitude, guilt) in the dreamer's life.

  12. Change in hair color/texture or hair falling out. Dream interpretation: hair represents sensitivity and the dreamer's thoughts. Loss of hair means not giving enough attention to a situation, while a change in color or texture means a shift in how the dreamer is thinking about a situation.

  13. Riding on a bus. Dream interpretation: dreamer is following mainstream consciousness not his/her own, taking the easy route and going with the status quo.

  14. Dreaming about an ex-partner. Dream interpretation: could signify that the dreamer is experiencing a quality in his/her life that is represented by the ex-partner, or that the dreamer is releasing, divorcing him/herself from a situation or belief.

  15. Driving a car or riding in a car being driven by someone else. Dream interpretation: car represents our bodies and how we move through life. If the dreamer is driving, then he/she feels in control, if not, then the person driving is controlling the dreamer (and the dreamer is allowing it).

Spotting Your Dream Themes

Look for dream themes while recording your dreams in your dream journal. A dream theme exists within each dream and can be found by focusing on "action" words that you use while recording your dream.

For example, a friend of mine recently shared a dream where a character named God was in a series of car accidents. My friend was the observer and she witnessed God being thrown around so intensely that she thought for sure that he was dead. Yet, in the next dream sequence, my friend entered a building and discovered that God was still alive and completely unharmed!

Using action words or verbs to describe her dream helped her to define a theme such as, God was hit by a car, then rolled down the hill...God was standing in the room completely unharmed.... By identifying the theme, my friend, who is on a spiritual path of growth could see that this dream was not about injury or death, but about her strength of will, and that no matter what she experienced, she was going to be just fine.

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Laura Grace is a Spiritual Counselor based in California and is the creator and instructor for the online course Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul.