Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Dream Meanings: Spiritual Level of Dream Awareness

By Laura Grace

When you have a dream on the spiritual level, you know it! Recall the famous dream of Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens? After his dream with the three spirits, he became a new person - a better person. This is a classic example of a Spiritual Dream. Like Scrooge, a spiritual dream leaves you feeling inspired, motivated, whole, filled with hope and at peace. These special dreams have the ability to give your life new meaning and offer a higher perspective on life in general.

Spiritual dreams create the greatest transformative impact out of all the dreams you have. They stand out and are rarely forgotten. Imbued with distinct characteristics, they leave a mark on your heart and soul that may affect you for a very long time. In fact, it's not uncommon to glean incredible insight from this type of dream, information that assists you in various areas throughout the rest of your life.

Spiritual dreams are most likely to occur during the following periods in your life:

1) Before a significant change.
2) Prior to, or as you're experiencing a shift in perception about yourself and your life.
3) After a commitment to something meaningful has been expressed and is genuinely being pursued.
4) Following a major loss or change.
5) When becoming more aware of yourself, your circumstances, your life.
6) During emotional and spiritual breakthroughs, i.e., taking a class, attending therapy, practicing yoga or meditation.
7) During a recovery process.

Spiritual Dream Symbols
How do you know when you're having a spiritual dream? Well, along with becoming aware of the inspired feelings you may experience, certain symbols are likely to appear.

These include:
  • Light, bright colors, candle, clear water - or any body of water that is clear.
  • Higher self figures: wizard, angel, fairy, old man, spiritual or religious books, cross, star, sun, moon, lotus, mandala, labyrinth, rainbow, sea, rose, stone, tree, mountain top, music.
  • Any symbol that has spiritual significance to you.
Many of the symbols that I have included are considered archetypes since they carry universal meaning.

Your Spiritual Energy Centers
Another way to distinguish a spiritual dream from other dreams is to notice if the dream pertains to one of the spiritual energy centers. These involve both the endocrine system (Western) and chakras (Eastern). There are seven energy centers and they are as follows:

Seventh Center
Pituitary ~ Creator ~ Crown Chakra (Prayer Center)
Color: Violet
Planet: Jupiter
Sixth Center
Pineal ~ Christ ~ Third Eye Chakra (Intuition)
Color: Indigo
Planet: Mercury
Fifth Center
Thyroid ~ Holy Spirit ~ Throat Chakra (Communication)
Color: Blue
Planet: Uranus
Fourth Center
Thymus ~ Eagle/Air ~ Heart Chakra (Giving and Receiving Love)
Color: Green
Planet: Venus
Third Center
Adrenal ~ Lion/Fire ~ Solar Plexus Chakra (Personal Power, Sense of Self)
Color: Yellow
Planet: Mars
Second Center
Cells of Leydig ~ Androgynous Man/Water ~ Lower Abdomen Chakra (Relationship with Others)
Color: Orange
Planet: Neptune
First Center
Gonad ~ Bull/Earth ~ Root Chakra (Life Purpose, Tribal Belonging)
Color: Red
Planet: Saturn

Your physical body provides a means of communication for your soul. Your spiritual body allows you to experience higher levels of consciousness and to attain mastery over the physical realm. The connecting point for these two bodies is the spiritual centers. Through meditation, you can learn to balance the energy that flows between these centers.

Your dreams can show you different levels of awareness through symbols and themes. For example, a dream of a wise old man and the number seven may be telling you that you are dreaming at the seventh level of awareness, the crown chakra. Or, dreaming of the color yellow and of some type of fire may suggest that there is some attunement needed in your third spiritual center involving your self-esteem.

Spiritual dreams appear the least of any dream type so when you have one, pay particular attention to it. Allow yourself to sink into the feelings of well being as long as possible. They tend to happen when you are going through some form of transformation. Reading inspiring spiritual material before falling asleep, meditating, or praying, will enhance your ability to experience these types of dreams.

Excerpted from Laura Grace's course Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul.

Copyright © Laura Grace, Infinite Wisdom. All rights reserved.