Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Understanding Dreams of Water and other dream symbols

Dreams for Healing

Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul

Learn your personal dream language and let it assist you in healing relationships, your body, and life by discovering the longings of your soul. Learn to recall and interpret your dreams, the language of the heart and soul, to heal your heart, body and life in this online dream interpretation course.
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Dreams of Water: Reflections of Your Emotions

By Laura Grace

"Water flows. It moves along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean, where it comes and goes in tides and waves. It is a carrier. It cleanses, refreshes and restores all life." ~Raphael Simons, author

What do dreams of water mean?
If you are working through some emotions, notice if water appears in your nightly dreams. Also notice whether it a pond, river, mud puddle, lake, or ocean. Each body of water has a different meaning and can helps you understand what you're feeling.

Whenever water appears in your dreams, it is also important to note the type of body of water -- including the size, depth and quality of water. Let's examine together...

Size and Depth
The size of the body of water denotes the amount of emotion that may be surfacing within you. Is it a pond, pool, stream, river, lake or ocean? Or perhaps, it's water in the house such as an overflowing bathtub? Larger bodies of water imply greater depth of emotional and spiritual awareness. Puddles may imply small residual feelings not yet resolved, while an ocean may indicate your deepest feelings, serenity and emotional strength and force.

What does the water look like? Is it clear, frozen, muddy or flowing? The quality of water represents the quality of your emotions, your emotional state of mind.

Frozen water
Frozen water represents frozen emotions. From years of having worked with my dreams, I know that whenever ice appears, or any other frozen body of water appears, I am not in touch with my deeper feelings about a particular situation. For me, I've learned that frozen water means I have shut down or withdrawn from my feelings. Yet, as I work through my feelings and allow them to surface, my dreams usually portray a thawing out through symbols of melting ice and snow.

Frozen water may also mean that you are holding onto grievances toward another and that forgiveness is required. It can show you where you have blocked the flow of emotions and have hardened your heart. Furthermore, frozen water may imply a lack of emotional truth flowing between you and another. This is especially true when a frozen river appears in your dreams since a frozen river or stream represents "stopped" emotional waters.

Muddy water
As you might guess, muddy water is symbolic of muddy emotions. When muddy water appears in your dreams, take time to notice if you are feeling confused about a situation. If you're feeling uncertain, don't take action until you're clearer. Ask your dreams for validation of the action you want to take, and then watch for clearer bodies of water. Again, use your dreams for guidance. They're rich with wisdom and insight.

Clear water
Bodies of clear water imply that your emotions, intentions and purpose are aligned and clear. It also suggests spiritual purity and understanding.

Releasing Negative Emotions
If you're studying your night-time dreams, chances are you're committed to personal and spiritual growth. See if water in your dreams offers clues to your deep seeded emotions. Start by going through you dream journal and circling/noticing all references to water.
  • What you are feeling? Happy, sad, confused, anxious, depressed, angry, excited, etc.
  • Why you're feeling a certain way? About relationship issues; old wounds that need to be resolved; grievances, fear of change, etc.
  • How to grow through your feelings?
Water is also a measure of your spiritual development and reveals the levels of your awareness, understanding, wisdom and inner peace. Pay attention to water when it appears in your dreams and be willing to release any emotions that are inhibiting your peace of mind and happiness.

Excerpted from Laura Grace's course Dreams for Healing: Using Dreams as a Pathway to the Soul.

Copyright © Laura Grace, All rights reserved.