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Self-Healing Expressions
Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Human Design Course


Decoding Your Human Design: Revealing Your Soul's Song

by Bonnie Schwartzbauer

Human Design Course Description
quotes Once you've uncover the true you, you can rapidly tap into your unique strategy for fulfilling work, loving relationships, abundance, health and well-being. You can live a life that is rich with creativity, spirituality and authenticity. ~ Bonnie Schwartzbauer, Human Design Specialist quotes

Deep within our DNA lies a hidden code, a map that determines who we are and what we can become. This map or Human Design Body Graph is calculated using your birth:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
And is a synthesis of:
  • Eastern and Western Astrology
  • Chinese, I'Ching
  • Kabbalah
  • Hindu Chakra System
  • Quantum Physics

Your Human Design chart is specific to you and it reveals why you are here on the planet. This course guides you to discover your own personal design, and empowers you to understandyour energetic signature or power. When you look at yourself energetically, it can be life changing! Discovering and honoring your energetic power, enables you to tap into your abilities and purpose so you can be the best you can possibly be.

Human Design also sheds light on your:
  • Life theme
  • Role
  • Best strategies for conflict and upset
  • And more!
Once you understand and honor your own makeup or design, you can begin to understand and honor yourself in a wonderful new way.

Special Course Features

This Human Design course guides you to discover your:

  • Personal energy signature and profile
  • Best Strategy for addressing conflict and upset
  • Signposts of resistance
  • Unique gifts, talents, and life purpose

Human Design was founded by the late spiritual teacher Ra Uru Hu. It is considered an intersection of science and spirituality. A Human Design chart offers direction and counsel on how you can deal with challenges in your life and is an accurate guide to your personality.

12 Lessons
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Recommended Course Delivery Pace: daily receipt of lessons

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Money Back Guarantee

Course Fee: $39.99

Money Back Guarantee $39.99

Bonnie Schwartzbauer is a Human Design Specialist, Reiki Master and Emergence Process Leader. She has extensively studied and practice shamanism and various other energy healing modalities. Bonnie is passionate about assisting you in discovering your Human Design and supporting you in the process of deconditioning and reconnecting with your magnificent soul song. She offers deeply rich and detailed Human Design lessons to start you on your journey. In this way, you will be able to direct the unfolding of your multi-faceted magnificent Human Design in a space and at a pace that honors your spiritual journey and growth.


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