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Discovering the Shaman Healer Within
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

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Keep Drinking Water Clean: Avoid use of hazardous chemicals

By Judy Morgan

Water is an essential substance required by all life on this planet. Yet we often treat water carelessly, using it wastefully, dumping chemicals down drains and into waterways. Any potentially harmful substance poured down drains or toilets will end up in wastewater. Some of the contaminants will not be removed, and will end up in waterways (rivers, streams, lakes, etc.) and in our drinking water supplies.

What can you do?
Avoid use of hazardous chemicals (notice warning or caution statements on the label). If these evaporate in the air, get washed down drains (for example, in washing rags that you've dipped in solvents or other cleaning materials), or get disposed of improperly, they will very likely find their way into water supplies! There are many safe substitutes, seek them out.

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