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  energy healing therapy, energy healing, soul release, kahuna healing, huna healing, energy healer, heiaus, energy clearing, ancient hawaii

Energy Healing Therapy

Discovering the Shaman Healer Within
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

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A Shaman's Way: Energy Healing for Hawaii

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

I recently returned from participating in energy healing work to release the kapu [taboo] on several heiaus [ancient Hawaiian stone temples] in Oahu. I was invited there by a Kahuna Nui (a Hawaiian healer) to assist her. It was an awesome experience! This Kahuna Nui, my friend and student, feels that by releasing the kapu we can release the Hawaiians from their colonized universal view on reality and open their spirits to seeing the love and beauty that is theirs. I agree with her. I think the people of Hawaii are held in chains created thousands of years ago by the chiefs making bargains with the gods. Although the chiefs have long since died, the bonds remain in effect until spiritual healers do the work to release the ancient bonds holding the people hostage in fear, greed and ego. The dark forces are ancient bonds.

Birthing stones - notice the oasis for the women in labor
I visited the birthing stones on Oahu that the ancient chiefs used to birth their royal babies. The place itself is powerful and not necessarily negative. I could see the women waiting there in labor with the coconuts and banana trees there to give them food and the stones lying like comfortable chairs under the palms. I could see the 49 chiefs standing in line as they processed the birthing mother to the two stones, one male and one female to give birth before all. I could see the Kahuna taking the placenta and the umbilical cord and rushing it away to other sacred places for proper disposal. I could see the Kahuna giving the baby to its nurse maids, and the pride and joy of all the chiefs.

But in the far back corner of that heiau someone placed a sacrificial stone and a stone used to cut up the bodies of human sacrifices. They are leaned up on each other and covered by bushes. It was there that the kapu was so strong. It was there that I brought the light of Creator to release the bondage that caused those stones to be used. It was there that I ended the bargain that the chief made with his gods to ensure his success in his endeavors (probably for battle) by offering human sacrifice. And as I did this I saw the white light of Creator coming from me and from the sky and purging those stones and that area in a brilliant blinding way. I stood emanating this light from Creator and combining it with Creators own search light coming from the sky above. Together we formed a two way search beam of healing light. I stood and offered this light to these stones and as Creator did as well, I began to see souls or spirits of humans begin to rise from the area of the stones.

First one or two then ten then 100 spirit people lifted out of the stones and went toward the light emanating to them from Creator above. There were men and women, children, families holding hands, and they raced into the heavens freed at last from whatever bondage had been holding them there for so long. As I stood with my hands pouring this light in the direction of the stones I was approached by a very powerful menacing force demanding that I stop immediately. But I put myself in this blinding white light of Creator and continued completely fortified and protected and the menacing force could not stand the intensity of the light I was standing in and no longer affected me. I watched until it seemed all the souls were released but I knew it wasn't finished. I asked that the light burrow deeper into the stones and the area surrounding the stones. And again, hundreds of souls came flying up from within the place rushing into the light.

I waited until it slowed again and then again asked the light to burrow even deeper. Again hundreds of souls left that place and went to the light. I continued this work for some time until there seemed to be no more souls remaining there. I looked up to the sky and saw a huge hole in the clouds where the sun was beaming through. I felt a peace and felt this place was now empty of any bonded spirits. Nothing menacing was around me and so I blessed this place and brought that light and healing into these stones to return them to the way Creator made them as wonderful stones of Mother Earth. I let her reclaim them as her own creatures, devoid of any dark energy that man has ever put into them, filled with light and simple and pure and joyful as rocks should be. I applied a spiritual healing salve to their carvings to heal any subjugation these rocks ever suffered under the hands of men.

I felt the chief responsible for creating these sacrificial alters from these beautiful stones standing beside me in a most powerful way. I talked to him and showed him that he had been forgiven by all the souls who this day had been released and had gone into the light. That each one of those spirits had already forgiven him for what he had done to them. I told the chief that he could now forgive himself and go too into the light if he chose to. But he said that although he seeks forgiveness, he is ashamed of the effects of his own desires has had on his people over so many centuries. He felt that were still more souls bonded to Hawaii who he also needed forgiveness from before he himself could go into the light. I told him that there are wonderful Hawaiian Kahunas who are working to bring him this forgiveness by releasing the kapu on the heiaus all across Hawaii and asked him if he would facilitate this release and protect these Kahunas while they do this work for him and for all who suffered. This chief agreed and thanked me and understood that we are in the process of removing the fears and misunderstandings and the hiding of spirit that is present in Hawaii today -- so that Hawaiians everywhere can once again live the true meaning of Aloha.

Dee Dee and Maggie
I believe this energy healing will benefit the whole world. I believe that Hawaii is preparing to ascend to a new level of spirit but this energy healing work to remove the kapu must be done. The Kahuna whose direction I worked under is just one of several Kahunas traveling from island to island to bring this energy healing to all places where this bondage still exists. We give thanks for all the Kahunas and Kahuna Nuis who are presently engaged in this work and we support them with our own intentions: being in alignment with theirs as they stand against the dark power of these places to bring in light and healing.


Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is one of America's most beloved elder teachers of Shamanism for today's modern society. She is a gifted energy healer and the creator and instructor of these Self-Healing Expressions courses:
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