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  self care, self healing, colors for healing, starting your day right, morning ritual

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Healing with Feng Shui and Color
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Feng Shui Your 'Love and Relationship' Corner
By Deborah Redfern

Red is the celebrated color for hearts, romance, love and Valentine's Day. In feng shui, the color red is associated with the love and relationship area of the bagua. The bagua is an energy map that uses color, shapes and symbols to bring energy to specific areas of your house. Whether you are seeking new love or nurturing an old love, the love and relationship area of the feng shui bagua is an area of immense interest. Who doesn't want to improve their relationships?

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Oh, my love is like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June,
Oh, my love is like a melody
That's sweetly played in tune.
~ Robert Burns
Red is essentially an attracting color; one that draws your eye to it. It is warm and exciting, assertive and outgoing. Red has a physical affect on your body. In large doses, it raises your blood pressure and increases your breathing rate. Imagine your beloved wearing red and notice the slight quickening of your pulse as you gaze into his or her eyes. Your heart beats faster and your breath catches in your chest for an instant. Now, imagine being the beloved - drawing love and passion to you and enhancing your natural attraction by wearing red.

Wearing red is also known to increase self confidence, and ultimately that is the greatest love potion of all. A person who exudes quiet strength and confidence is extremely attractive. Wearing colors with consciousness - especially discovering which colors suit you - can greatly increase your levels of self confidence.

Your Relationship Corner
On the bagua map, the relationship area in your home is the far right hand corner as you enter your front door. Of course, the bagua's love and relationship area isn't just about romance. It includes relationships of all sorts: family, friends, co-workers and, what many consider to be the most important relationship - the relationship you have with your Self. For improving your relationships with others, or for those times when you feel the need to be more gentle and compassionate with yourself, consider the color pink.

Connecting and Nurturing Pink
The aura of pink inspires connectivity to others and is soft and nurturing. Pink, a calming and nurturing version of red, relates to compassion and understanding. It has the opposite effect of red in that it can actually calm a person physically.

But as with everything there is a limit; the judicious use of red and pink is recommended to produce the desired response. Too much of these colors can prove to be too stimulating and become a bit annoying. Red includes all of the shades and nuances of the color, from the palest pastel pink to crimson wine. Some shades of red are warm (such as tomato red) and some are colder (such as crimson). If you choose a red that suits your skin tone and personality, you'll feel great!

Use Red and Pink and All the Shades in Between
Bring more love and compassion into your life by using red and pink in your wardrobe and home. Consider the subtle use of red in your home décor. Your bedroom - whether you are looking for a relationship or are in a steady one - is especially suited to a red pallet.

Great colors for bedrooms are flesh tones, like pink, peach, apricot, lilac, lavender, true red, burgundy, rose, and terra cotta. This doesn't mean your bedroom has to be entirely those colors. They can be used as accents and always with contrasting colors for balance. Pink combined with green, for example, takes the feminine edge off and can create a warm and loving sanctuary for both men and women.

And don't forget the roses!
To enhancement your love and relationship corner and to celebrate Valentine's Day, adorn this area with two beautiful roses in a vase. In the language of flowers, a red rose means love, a pink rose signifies happiness and a white rose -- loyalty. Even if you are single and looking for a new relationship, use roses to celebrate the love that will come to you - and to open your heart to receiving and giving love.

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