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These feng shui online courses (and ebook) each concentrate on some aspect of feng shui. Lessons guide you to utilize feng shui tools, techniques and symbols; interactive web tools and audios meditations are also included in these feng shui online courses. Feng shui is the ancient art of living in balance. When your home is in balanced, your life is propelled in many positively and healthy directions!

Feng shui eCourses by Deborah Redfern

These feng shui e-courses embrace feng shui color, feng shui bagua, feng shui basics and more.

Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover
Feeling stuck in a rut? Each lesson in this 30 day Feng Shui makeover provides proactive steps you may take to balance, open, release, or shift energy in your home. Once energy is shifted and vibrational levels lifted on the home front, you could well notice a series of positive, unexpected and almost magical events occurring in your life! This could include attracting new opportunities, improved relationships, better health, increased abundance and greater success. Learn more now!

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color
The quickest and easier way to change the energy of your home is with feng shui color. Color can deplete, depress or enhance. This feng shui ecourse guides you to attract new opportunities, increased abundance and success using feng shui and color to create balance and harmony in your home and life. This feng shui e-course guides you to create a plan for home décor that honors you and supports healing, recovery and well-being. [Learn more]

Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui Odyssey of the Heart: Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui ebook by Deborah Redfern

You are invited on a unique journey deep into the feng shui bagua - designed to reveal untold secrets about yourself and your life! The feng shui bagua is an ancient energy grid used in feng shui as a tool for personal growth and transformation. By journeying with the feng shui bagua map and observing the memories, beliefs and emotions that arise along the way, you can uncover the hidden layers to yourself and move forward in your life. It is a gentle but powerful guide for raising your internal light and getting clearer about what really matters to you in life. Learn more now!

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 Self Healing Expressions

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About the Author

Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, specializes in de-cluttering your life on the spiritual, physical and emotional levels, using the tools of feng shui and soul coaching. She is founder of Feng Shui Studies which offers professional certification in Feng Shui. She resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her family.

Her online feng shui courses are: