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air element, feng shui in the home, element of air, feng shui elements, vibrational energy, Mozart effect, personality types, earth air fire water
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  air element, feng shui in the home, element of air, feng shui elements, vibrational energy, Mozart effect, personality types, earth air fire water

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Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color
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Feng Shui Elements: Focus on the Element of Air
By Deborah Redfern

The four feng shui elements of nature - earth, air, fire, and water-- can be thought of as archetypes of certain personality types. These elements of nature give us valuable insight about ourselves. But today, let's just focus on the feng shui element of Air.

Air is the elixir of life. This mysterious substance from which you take first and last breath may also infuse your being with your Spirit. The word "breath" comes from the Latin word "spiritus" which originated the words Spirit and Inspiration.

Air is the invisible power of life. It is the unseen vibrations that carry air currents and sound waves, and cause vortexes and waves to form on the ocean. The element of air is connected with mental abilities, communication, inspiration, and ideals. The "Air element person" is governed by the function of thinking.

Air manifests as sound waves, which stimulate mental abilities. Certain sounds relate to increased powers of concentration. There is a phenomenon called the Mozart effect in which researchers at the University of California found that student's IQ scores increased when they listened to music by Mozart as they wrote IQ tests.

Fantasy in D Minor
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Air Types ~ The Thinker
If you resonate with the element of air, you are influenced by an intellectual view of the world more than any other sense. You are guided by logic - black and white, and true or false. The Air element is the only element that is energetically supported by wearing black and white.

Air types vision manifests as an ability to see the big picture, details and analysis of possible outcomes. Your intellect manifests differently from that of the Earth element type. While an Earth element type wants to explain and try to convert others to their point of view, Air types form their own opinion and leave others to theirs. As an Air type, you are not concerned with other people's opinion of you. You value independence, self-direction, and self-initiated learning.

Air element people are diplomatic, gracious, and articulate. These qualities are often a source of confusion for people, for how you appear is often different from how you really are. You appear confident and self-assured, and are often in leadership positions. You are objective and open-minded, and concerned over the welfare of others.

The dichotomy is that air element people are primarily introverted personality types, and you are often are quite shy with a small circle of true friends. When this quality is combined with your tendency to not care what other people think of you, you can appear aloof and even cold. Your main challenge is to let others in and be more approachable, while maintaining your authenticity.

Colors that Support You
Each of the feng shui elements (i.e., Fire, Water, Earth and Air) resonate with a different color palette. Although you have the energy of all of the elements within you, it is your personal element that influences the way you think and act, what you like and dislike.

Your personal element colors will be the ones that suit you best and vibrationally support you. Being out of your element could lead to imbalance and disharmony in some or several aspects of your life (e.g., with your health, relationships or career). So that's why feng shui study includes determining which element you resonate with, and learning to embrace the colors and tone associated with that element.

Excerpted from Healing with Feng Shui and Color, to learn the colors and tones that support the vibrational energy of the Air element person and examine all feng shui elements in detail, enroll now.

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