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feng shui in the home, personality types, feng shui, feng shui elements, thanksgiving prayer for the four elements
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  feng shui in the home, personality types, feng shui, feng shui elements, thanksgiving prayer for the four elements


Feng Shui in the Home

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color
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Feng Shui Tips: Being In Your Element
By Deborah Redfern

"I'm out of my element." When was the last time you said or heard this expression? Have ever really considered what that means? In the study of Feng Shui, being out of your element could well indicate imbalance and disharmony in some or several aspects of your life (e.g., with your health, relationships or career).

So consider, are you in your Element? That is, are you aware of your strongest personality traits, and are you using them to be that healthy, wise, loving and caring version of you that is inside?

Throughout history, people from different cultures and traditions throughout the world believed the elements of nature had attributes that gave meaning and definition to their lives and could shape a person's personality.

What cultures did not agree on, however, was the names and numbers of these all-important elements. In traditional feng shui, there are five elements: fire, water, earth, wood and metal. The system I use follows the Celtic and Native North American tradition of four elements: fire, water, earth and air. Scholars such as the Greek physician Hippocrates and psychologist Carl Jung both based their work on a system of four elements.

Carl Jung based his system of psychological typing on a combination of four elements and four directions. In the system he called the four functions. Jung associated:
East to the function of Intuition (Fire)
South to the function of Feeling (Water)
West to the function of Sensation (Earth)
North to the function of Thinking (Air)

Knowing which Elemental archetype you resonate with frees up energy to be glorious in your element, to say to yourself - and to the world, "Who I am is enough!" You do not have to be all things - you are only required to be true to yourself.

Read through these descriptions and see which element you immediately have an affinity with:

Element of Fire
You are a person of the Fire Element if you are influenced by intuition more than any other sense. You often feel instinctively whether something is 'right' for you. You also tend to sense things about people, situations and places.

Element of Water
You are person of the Water Element if you are governed more by your emotions than any other sense. You are naturally empathetic, have a strong desire for peace and serenity, and are a reserved and quiet sort of person.

Element of Earth
You are a person of the Earth Element if you respond to life through what you experience directly with your senses - especially sight, touch, and past experience. You are not a person to take another's word for something, or to put much faith in intuition.

Element of Air
You are a person of the Air Element if you have a passion for Intellect. Your strength in logic and decision making often put you in leadership roles but Air Element people are often inwardly quite shy and reserved.

So, what element do you resonate with most strongly? Is it Fire, Water, Earth or Air? Or, perhaps two elements call out to you equally? Once you've discovered your element, nurture those qualities in yourself by spending time with your element in nature.
  • Water Element types could spend an afternoon sitting by a lake.
  • Earth types could plant a garden.
  • Fire Elements could bathe by the light of the moon.
  • Air Element types could watch the clouds.
For the power of the elements can truly enrich and support you throughout your entire life.

Prayer to the Elements
May the element of Earth give you wisdom.
May the element of Water soothe and comfort you.
May the element of Fire inspire and guide you.
May the element of Air fill you with beauty.

Copyright © 2005 Deborah Redfern. All rights reserved.

Deborah is a certified Practitioner and Master Teacher of Interior Alignment ©. She is the creator and instructor of the Self-Healing Expressions e-course Healing with Feng Shui and Color. Learn more about Deborah and her course now.