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Healing with Feng Shui and Color

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What Feng Shui Teaches Us: Understanding Our Role as Helper
by Deborah Redfern

"The loss of my mare is not necessarily a bad thing. All will be shown for its true worth in time." ~ from The Old Man of the Steppes Finds a Horse, Chinese teaching story

As a feng shui and space clearing practitioner and teacher I know I have touched many people's lives, but it is not something I am comfortable talking about. This is at times difficult because many feng shui books are written from a 'success story' point of view, and people love to hear success stories. They are fun and bring a sense of hope and wonder into the world.

Denise Linn, my feng shui and coaching teacher, advised us that it is best to not be too attached to our client's successes because the nature of energy is that we do not know what the final outcome will be. She shared an ancient teaching story about an old Chinese man and his horses . You may have heard it. The moral is "it isn't good, it isn't bad: we do not know the whole story."

Case Study
When I did feng shui work with Sally, a single woman who was ready for a new relationship in her life, she was already doing a great deal of inner work. But she felt there were some blocks yet to uncover before this relationship could come to her. When I went to her home, I saw that she had her desk set up in the relationship area of her home (therefore on an energetic level, her relationship was with her work.) We moved the desk a few feet away into the reputation area, set up a beautiful altar dedicated to love and romance in the relationship area, as well as making several other enhancements.

A week later Sally called me very excited and happy because the energy shift was quick to happen: not one, but several men were suddenly interested in seeing her and she had been going out on dates. It was an exciting and heady time for her, and she wanted to give me (and the feng shui) credit. It was tempting.... It feels good to be thanked and to feel I have personally done something that has brought happiness, but in the back of my mind I heard those words "it isn't good, it isn't bad, you do not know the whole story."

I didn't hear from Sally for awhile but when she finally got in touch with me, it was to tell me she had begun a serious relationship with one man, but some problems were coming up the types of issues that often have to be worked through when two people begin to merge their separate lives together. Questions such as, is this the type of relationship she wants, is the relationship healthy, does she have to give up who she was in order to make room for this new person, and so it goes.

And now her gratitude for me has cooled because suddenly new and serious problems have come up in her life that weren't there before the relationship. Am I responsible for the problems? No, no more than I am responsible for the success, which is to say that my role is as a catalyst for a change of energy. The work may have brought up relationship issues that were there before, waiting for the opportunity to be healed.

What Feng Shui Teaches Us
In my role as a helper, I don't know how it is going to turn out, as none of us ever do. What I know is that each action we take does change life for another person -- often many people. This is what feng shui teaches us: that everything in our universe is made up of constantly changing energy fields which have a type of consciousness (different levels depending on what it is.) We are a part of everything and everything we do touches and affect everything else. What happens is far too complex with so many levels and variables that it is clear that labeling is a problem. From where we stand there is limited information available to us. All that we do simply is; not good and not bad.

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Healing with Feng Shui and Color
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