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Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover

Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover
Feng Shui eCourse. Each lesson in this 30 day Feng Shui makeover provides proactive steps you may take to balance, open, release, or shift energy in your home. Once energy is shifted and vibrational levels lifted on the home front, you could well notice a series of positive, unexpected and almost magical events occurring in your life! This could include attracting new opportunities, improved relationships, better health, increased abundance and greater success. Learn more now!

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."

~ Coco Chanel

Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover

Lesson 27 Interactive Web Tool

The Power of Your Personal Style and Expression

By Deborah Redfern ©, excerpt from her online feng shui course

Every home is unique work of art, a story unto itself and a declaration of personal expression about the people who created it. Celebrate your home as sacred symbol of yourself and your loved ones.

Look at the items you have in your home. Do they represent your favorites?
The purpose of this Feng Shui Personal Style Worksheet is to determine where you are in relationship to the inner idea you have of yourself and the external version you have created. Is there a close correlation between the two or are there some adjustments and refinements you could make in your surroundings that would help support you in your life?

What is the Story of you?
Your personal style can be found in your favorite list. Complete these statements or questions with whatever comes to mind.


Your favorite location for a home is...

The kind of house you admire is...

The colors you prefer are...

The furniture styles you are drawn to...

The kind of accessories you choose...

The artwork you have chosen...

The sort of window coverings I prefer...

My favorite type of lighting...

The textures I prefer (smooth, rough, shiny)...

The kind of clothes I like...

My favorite foods and beverages...

The music I prefer...

The movies I watch...

If these objects could tell a story (and they do) what would it be?

Do the items in my home represent my favorites?
Yes No

If there is a large gap between what you like and what you have put in your environment, this is an opportunity to learn things about yourself. It could be that you are living with someone else's style and choices, or it could be that the way your house is really does reflect who you are. Consider if there is someone else's voice telling you what you should like.

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 Self Healing Expressions

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About the Instructor of this Feng Shui Online Course

Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, specializes in de-cluttering your life on the spiritual, physical and emotional levels, using the tools of feng shui and soul coaching. She is founder of Feng Shui Studies which offers professional certification in Feng Shui. She resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with her family.

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