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  feng shui symbols, feng shui colors, deborah redfern, feng shui study, feng shui courses

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Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui By Deborah Redfern, creator of Healing with Feng Shui and Color

This Feng Shui course guides you on a journey to consciously create an environment that attracts more of what you want in life—with ease. Learn to interweave feng shui with the "Law of Attraction" theory to create a powerful tool for manifestation. The bagua map is an energetic grid consisting of nine templates for life. Activate the nine areas of the energy grid in your home and see what you begin to manifest in your life. Learn the symbols, images, tools, rituals, mindset, and meditations to do this.

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"As the pace of life has quickened, it is increasingly important to become more centered in life. Distractions pull us away from our sense of connection to the soul, so it is essential to create home sanctuaries where we can retreat and find spiritual solace. Such places anchor us to what we know is true; they bring us home to ourselves." ~ Denise Linn, Feng Shui for the Soul

Feng Shui Symbols for Your Health Center
by Deborah Redfern

The Center of the Bagua Map is a neutral area which serves to connect all the other areas together. It is also related to your physical health and is connected with the element of earth – nurturing, stable, centering energy.










<- Entrance Quadrant ->

Connecting the Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang
Traditionally, the symbol used to represent the Center of the bagua is the T'ai Chi, which depicts male and female energy – the yang and the yin, day and night. It also represents the wheel of life in the cycle of seasons and the process of birth, death and rebirth.

The Center of the bagua map connects the bagua areas together. Each bagua area represents a different aspect of life, but together they form a whole, which is the story of your life.

The center also represents your personal journey through life. After going through each of the bagua areas, you arrive at the center to reflect on where you have come and what you have learned.

The Wheel of Life
The Center of the bagua also helps you to be centered and grounded in your own life, to be more on purpose and get clarity about where you want to go and what you want to manifest in your life. And because the symbol is a circle, which has no beginning and no end, the Center starts you off on the path again.

Take some time here in the Center to pause, reflect and dream. What is it you wish to manifest next in your life?

Type it here to symbolically and energetically give it power.

Enhancements to Your Home's Center
There are enhancements you can make to your Center area of your home that can help you feel more grounded and balanced in all areas of your life. Referring back to the floor plan of your home created for lesson 2 and your bagua map, notice where the "Center" bagua area is located in your home. It need not be the exact physical center, but as close as is practical.

To bring greater stability, purpose and clarity in your life, choose some of these bagua enhancements in the Center area of your home.
  • The traditional colors for the Center are yellow, brown and orange.
  • This is another good location for a home altar or a meditation center.
  • To improve physical health, add images that represent abundant health for all family members and loved ones.
  • If you place photographs of yourself or loved ones in this area, ensure they were taken when you were happy and experiencing great health.
  • To activate your personal Center energy, add any objects that help you feel grounded, centered and stable.
It is especially important to keep this area clear to maximize the flow of energy to the other bagua areas. Remember, you can, at any time, begin the cycle of manifesting with feng shui again. You can start with the Family area and go through the process again, or you can choose one bagua area to work on.

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Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, guides learners in feng shui study. She is the creator and instructor of these feng shui courses:

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Dancing with Energy: 9 Steps to Manifesting Your Soul's Desires with Feng Shui

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