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learn about shamanism, thanksgiving prayer for the four elements, four directions winds, what is shamanism
Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
  learn about shamanism, thanksgiving prayer for the four elements, four directions winds, what is shamanism

Learn about Shamanism

Discovering the Shaman Healer Within
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

Aho! Take a journey and an exploration into the worlds and the way of the Shaman. Come and sit down before the fire with the Shaman as you calm your mind and open your heart to the teachings of the Elders. As you walk the path of this course, you will re-member many skills, talents, places and people from your past that you have forgotten. Welcome to the reconnection to your purpose as healer. Let the Shaman Elder take the talking stick and listen to his words. [ Learn more ] [ Enroll Now ] [ Course Reviews ]

A Shaman's Road Map

By Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls

All things are truly connected in a very intimate way. In this reality, it seems like the Universe is mostly empty space with huge volumes of nothingness in between. But everything is really compacted and dense with an unseen but very much felt energy that is alive and has a consciousness and is constantly moving.

It is in the skills of the Shaman to work within this energy that is available. Everything has its purpose and the Shaman uses all the tools and skills he is given, from talking to the rocks to listening with the ears of a bat. It is a privilege to be a Shaman.

A common tool or roadmap for Shaman's around the world is the medicine wheel. This is a three-fold map showing your spirit standing at the center of a great wheel. At the top of the wheel is the heavenly or Upper World, and at the lower half is the Lower or Under world. The Shaman knows where his spirit self is located and where his physical self is located at all times within this wheel. It is a three-dimensional wheel and is rather like a vortex spinning in and out as well as around in a clockwise direction. Through this wheel it is possible for a Shaman to journey to other dimensions, other times and places as easily as a spider hops from one thread to an adjacent thread in his web.

In Native American cultures, medicine wheels means more than just something used to heal. It means knowledge. In my native country of Bulgaria, we use a mandala as our medicine wheel. The Medicine Wheel has four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.

These four cardinal directions are each associated with an element:
  • Water to the South ~ The South is the direction for giving, for working with emotions and plants.
  • Fire to the East ~ The East is the direction of the human, for working with spirit and making choices.
  • Air to the North ~ The North is the direction for receiving, the land of animals and working with the mind or knowledge.
  • Earth to the West ~ The West is the land of holding or retaining, for working with the body and the kingdom of minerals.
A Shaman must be aware of where he or she is at all times. It is that impeccable sense of direction that keeps a Shaman safe and held firmly in power to be able to work for others. A Shaman who is lost is not a Shaman at all. We all need to know where we are so we can walk forward and not flounder around. It gives you a sense of grounding and a firm foundation on which to walk.

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