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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey
The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey

Understand the nature of grief and loss and their potential impact on all aspects of your life: physical, financial, emotional, social and spiritual. Learn how to move through grief actively and make the process of mourning a healing one. Find support and guidance in dealing with the many facets of grief.
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Attn: Funeral Directors & Funeral Professionals

Re: Online Grief-Healing Support

Self-Healing Expressions, provider of holistic and self-help e-courses, offers an online grief-healing course that you are invited to offer to the individuals and families you serve. The author and instructor of this 24 lesson e-course is Marty Tousley, RN, MS, FT, DCC a certified hospice bereavement counselor.

Ms. Tousley is compassionate and skilled at helping people find their way through grief following the death of a family member.

Just take a look at some of the testimonials sent in about this course...

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This well regarded online course is sold for $34.95 and includes numerous bonus gifts with purchase. Our custom made database takes the course order details and delivers the lessons to your patron's inbox. (Review lesson one to gain more insight into this course.) Customers can also opt to participate in our 2 for 1 offer – so two people in a family may take the grief course together for the price of $34.95.

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If you have a Web site, we invite you to join our affiliate program and earn 25% of the course sale price for each sale that originates at your site. To join, simply complete this short online affiliate form and have your webmaster post the affiliate code that is emailed to you on your web site. We offer a number of text ads and attractive graphic ads which your webmaster can post with your affiliate link on various pages of your site.

Don\'t own a Web site at the moment?
For those of you who do not have a web site, you are welcome to distribute this flyer to the individuals and families you serve that would benefit from the support this course provides. Please know we appreciate this referral and this small act of kindness – and we expect your clients will too!

79% of Americans Access the Internet
We are confident the individuals and families you serve will remember and appreciate you for guiding them to this valuable online grief-healing resource.

Downloadable Flyer for Affiliates
We also have a downloadable flyer you can customize with your details and give to the individuals and families you serve. You need only type in your business name and URL, print it out, and then make copies for distribution.

Scholarship Courses Available for Financial Hardship Cases
While this course is affordably priced and a great ongoing value for the price, we understand some people face severe financial hardships. For this reason, we do make available a certain number of free grief-healing courses each year to our active affiliates. So if you have a client on occasion who is undergoing financial difficulty, we can give the course to them at no fee as long as they have a valid email account. You would just need to the initial request with their name and email address and we'll take it from there.