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  goddess chant, goddess chants, goddess training, goddess meditations, goddess prayer, goddess rituals, goddess spirituality

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Earth Chants Earth Songs

Goddess Training ~ Learn Goddess Chants, Goddess Rituals and more.

Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy
Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy
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Celebrating Mother Earth: Meet Pachamama, Peruvian Earth Goddess
Celebrating Mother Earth:
Meet Pachamama, Peruvian Earth Goddess

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Excerpt from Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy

We all come from the Goddess,
And to Her we shall return
Like a drop of rain
Flowing to the ocean.
~ Traditional Goddess Chant

To truly connect with the Goddess, we have to really understand that we are part of Her and She is part of us — every day. She is the earth we stand on, and the elements of our common being. She is not separate from us. She is the one who gives life. It is to her we shall all return at the end of our days, when our bodies become part of her body, or our ashes are scattered into the breath of her winds.

Appreciating Her and all her glories is a powerful way to understand the true nature of our connection to the Divine Female.

It can be as simple as going out into the backyard or enjoying a moment in nature, anywhere. Smell the flowers. Appreciate the trees. Enjoy the sound of a babbling brook. Revel in the scent and sight of the sea. Gaze at a green meadow or mountain peak.

She is in the small graces of every day life - the squirrel who scoots along the telephone pole, the bee that pollinates the flowers. She guides the cycles of our being. Just stand on Her earth beneath Her full moon ...and feel her awesome power.

We live and breathe her being each day of our lives. While we can find her in the thousands of names, faces and stories about the Divine Feminine from all cultures, we can find Her, quite simply, in our everyday existence on earth.

You do not need an intermediary (like a clergy person or church). She is truly a temple unto herself.

  Listen to this Earth Chant by Helene and Dave Van Manen by clicking the play/pause buttons to the right Earth My Body Chant (1:06)
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"Earth is my body,
Water my blood.
Air is my breath,
And Fire my spirit."

from Earth Chants Earth Songs CD
Posted with permission and gratitude

The Personification of Mother Earth

One of the ways we have come to deify the earth is to name her. The ancients called her Magna Mother and Terra. The Greeks called her Gaia. Many call her, still, the Great Mother. And of course, we know her as Mother Earth, Mother Nature or Mom Nature.

She also comes to life in the Incan legends and the modern day worship of Pachamama, who is seen as earth and all Her attributes, and Mother of all things.

Pachamama, Peruvian Earth Goddess

Pachamama (Potch-a-mama) is the Incan Earth Mother. To this day, she is worshipped by indigenous people of Peru, Bolivaia and Chile, who honor her as they till the earth, and harvest her bounty. She remains the object of a cult all over the Andean mountains, where people (especially farmers and those who work with the earth) make her offerings of coca leaf and 'chicha' beer and pray to her on all major agricultural occasions.

She is a full-bodied earth goddess, primordial and ever-present. She is said to live inside the earth and is a companion to women, and she is our sacred earth home. Indigenous people believe her feminine spirit dwells among them and in the land and they see her as the First Mother. As a "Divine Earth Mother," she is often mentioned in the same breath as Gaia and Mother Earth. In modern images she is pictured as a wise woman or grandmother whose face is lined with character and whose eyes radiate love.

The Mythology of Pachamama

In Inca mythology Mama Pacha — or Pachamama — was the fertility goddess who presided over planting and harvesting. It was to her that earthquakes and earth changes were attributed. In her early incarnations she as a Dragoness, she was connected to her husband/consort Pacha Camac, also known as "Creator of the world." She was worshipped in Chile, Bolivia and Peru. After the Spanish conquest of Peru, the Christian priests burned many of the records of Incan culture.

Indigenous women adapted icons on the Virgin Mary as their spiritual mother but to them she represented the energy of Pachamama in physical form. Peru remains an ancient place where the ancient wisdom and ways have survived. One Andean mystery school says the feminine spirit of Pachamama lives specifically in the Andes, and is precisely anchored in the triangle that is Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and Lake Titicaca. It is this triangle depicted in ancient cave art and tribal drawings that has always symbolized the emergence of the Divine Feminine.

Enjoy this "Earth Anthem" by Stephen Longfellow Fiske

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Spend the time between this week and the next appreciating and observing nature. Look for the Goddess in every day sites — trees, flowers, your backyard, a park, a lake, the moon, a mountain. The earth mother dwells in all of life.

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