Self-Healing Expressions

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Note: Our course lessons
are delivered in English.

Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

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To Healing
        There is a light in this world,
a healing spirit
more powerful than any darkness we may encounter.
We sometime lose sight of this force
when there is suffering, and too much pain.
Then suddenly,
the spirit will emerge
through the lives of ordinary people who hear a call
and answer in extraordinary ways.
--Mother Teresa

Self-Healing Expressions is a vehicle for gifted healers, authors and teachers to share their unique message of healing, wellness and peace with people ready to be proactive in the healing process. Content Providers develop their e-learning course using the company's web-based database with lesson builder. This database stores, schedules and electronically delivers course lessons to the customer. Our courses are promoted on this site, in our ezine Holistic Expressions, on Twitter, Facebook, and various other online venues, thereby expanding a Content Provider's reach.

What's the concept of this site?
Really, it is a simple concept.
  • You write a course.
  • We develop, promote and electronically deliver it.

Why e-learning?
It's no secret that more people access their e-mail accounts daily than surf the Web. According to research by Roper Starch, people spend more time visiting their e-mail accounts than visiting Web sites. And e-mail is how we deliver your course lessons to the public. An added plus is that emails are readable on the growing number of digital devices (unlike some ebook formats).

What are the benefits of e-learning?
  • E-learning is an ideal means for you to convey your important message and enlarge your audience.
  • It is also an efficient means to reinforce training previously presented in your workshops and books thereby:
  • -Maintaining a lasting impact
    -Helping people achieve optimal results
  • Our unique e-mail delivery system - with scheduler - permits learners to self-pace by determining the day and interval of lesson delivery.
  • Our database delivers course lessons to students in sequence - starting at the beginning of the course - unlike newsletter delivery programs in which all recipients read the same message on a given day.

How does Self-Healing Expressions serve Healers/Authors?
We handle the technical hassle of delivering your message including:
  • Administrative Tasks
  • Registering/Enrolling students
  • Payment processing
  • Editing/formatting course content
  • Creating web-tools to support understanding, integration, and retention of lesson material. (E.g., we might suggest/build printable forms or charts, interactive questions and answers; audio meditations, flash shows, etc. to compliment your lesson).
  • Scheduling and delivery of the lessons
  • Customer service issues (e.g., missed lessons)
  • Database development, maintenance and management
  • Marketing our Site and its courses.

We take care of the technical details so you can remain focused on your calling.

What does this cost me?
There are NO fees. Participation requires only the time it takes you to develop the course. Ideally, Content Providers can adapt existing content from:
  • Books
  • Newsletters
  • Workshops
  • Columns
  • Radio Programs
  • Sermons
Next, divide your material into daily, weekly or bi-weekly lessons that we make ready for e-mail delivery.

Do I retain ownership of my material?
Yes, content remains the intellectual property of the Content Provider. Each lesson contains a copyright symbol along with your name (or book publisher or corporate name) and the current year on it. See Policies.

How am I compensated?
We pay content providers a royalty percentage on each sale of their course. The course sale balance helps cover our overhead, marketing, affiliate commissions, and operating expenses. Royalties are paid monthly via Paypal by E-mail Expressions, LLC.

How does this work?
Through various marketing efforts, people are referred to our site and enroll in your course. Alternatively, your existing audience may learn about your e-course on your site.
  • Courses are generally sold for $34.95 or more.
  • Content Providers earn royalties on each order of their course.
After the initial effort of setting up the course, this income becomes passive income. You won't get rich so don't quit your day job, but the potential for duplicating this income if not doubling or tripling it in subsequent years exists. And your expanded reach and exposure is of great value.

How do you keep track of my compensation?
Our web-based, password protected, database tracks enrollments for each course sold. Upon log-in, the database generates a compensation report (24 hours/7 days weekly) that calculates royalties due you based on your course enrollments. The report includes enrollments statistics, as well as, royalty compensation due you.

Can you promote my book or Web site in the course lessons? Yes.
  • You are also welcome to add your link to our links page.
  • You may also include a link to your book, Facebook page, and Website in your bio of your e-lessons.

What technology is available to me to help me develop my e-learning course?
Content Providers are given access to our sophisticated web-based database to develop their course. You easily upload, develop and format your e-learning course lessons on this secure database, which operates 24/7. Our database contains an online lesson builder, editing features, customer archives, automated e-mail delivery system and compensation reports (to track your course enrollments and royalties). We also offer editorial support during course development.

How do I start the process?
Submit a course proposal today using our online form or you may email if you would like some feedback on your course idea before completing our online course proposal form. Note: We accept and develop a limited number of courses each year as we are a small (but dedicated) group.

Side Note: Content Providers must be comfortable communicating via e-mail and have the ability to meet deadlines. Additional information for Content Providers