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Self-Healing Expressions
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Posted by admin on January 16, 2013

Attn: Spiritual Singles! A Valentine's Gift to Give Yourself

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

The holiday of hearts is heralded as a time to be wined, dined and treated like a Goddess (or God). Valentine's Day is a "concept" that has captured our fancy as the ultimate date night. By the time February 14th rolls around, no one wants to miss out on dinner, chocolates, flowers, and a mushy card with a love note. For many women, it is a goal to work toward all year round. Valentine's Day becomes a target date on the calendar to mentally pencil in: find a boyfriend!

But wait . . . This can be stressful!
We build up our expectations and begin to believe there is only one day of the year that we'll have a chance for an awesome romantic evening. If it doesn't happen, it's disappointing.

If you are single and searching this Valentine's Day, do not despair!
For now, suspend the search for the one who might be the One. Instead, take time to focus on yourself and to clean up stuff you no longer need, get your life in order, and simultaneously, get ready for love. Consider it Valentine’s Day gift to yourself!

When I created the online soul mate course Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate: Transforming Your Romantic Destiny with A Romantic Resumé, the goal was (and remains) to:
  • Help people rise above the disappointment of the love they haven't found
  • Heal the hurts from the past
  • Create the love they desire by letting go, moving on
  • Clarify what they long for in a relationship.
  Find Your Spiritual Soulmate

In the spirit of this course, here are some tips to get you get ready for love:

Take responsibility and do your part
A soul mate may help heal you but can't be responsible for fixing you. It is therefore important that the process of releasing old beliefs, healing broken hearts and letting go baggage from relationships past is well underway before we tango with new love. If healing has not begun and progressed through via therapy, grief work, spiritual practice and some other form of transformational work, we risk being needy and over anxious, and could well jump into the wrong relationship.

Don't hate being single.
It's important to embrace being single and honor the state of not yet having a mate. It's important to use time as a single person to prepare for being in a relationship. Some people hate being single but the truth is, the time of longing and yearning for love is the time to prepare for real love by assessing your life, creating the life you want to be leading. Even if there is no one to share it with yet, it is useful to reflect on past mistakes that you do not want to recreate.

Let your imagination lead you closer to the love you desire.
There are many practical and spiritually creative ways to raise spiritual and vibrational forces to help draw in your true love. Begin to imagine the love you want then psychically tune into that love. Write, visualize, daydream, pray, and love your way to a great relationship. Cut out magazine pictures of couples in love, makes lists and write stories about the relationship you choose, use any creative tools you are comfortable with to ask for all the divine help you can get! Get together with a friend or friends who are also getting ready for love and support each other with the process. Have fun with it!

Pay attention to signals and intuition
Our souls continuously urge us forward. We are given subtle intuitive messages, signs and sometime warnings. We are given directions to follow, inspiration for places to go and people to see, and guidance on every level. When spirit begins to do its thing of bringing us together, don’t get caught asleep at the wheel or be so absorbed in mundane living that you do recognize love when it knocks on the door.

About the Author
Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway is an interfaith minister and non-denominational wedding officiant. She is widely known as a specialist in women's spirituality, empowerment and feminine wisdom. She is the instructor and creator of the popular Self Healing Expressions course, Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate: Transforming Your Romantic Destiny with A Romantic Résumé and author of Rituals for Love and Romance: Attract Your Soul Mate with Self-Love and Ceremony.