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Holistic Expressions, A Self Healing Expressions Newsletter

Issue 126, November 2012 ~ Heeding Warnings from the Universe

By Self Healing Expressions

In this Issue
 1) What's Cookin' ~ Opening remarks by June Cook
 2) Dreams for Healing Video Message by Laura Grace
 3) Confused about Dream Meanings? Learn the Power of Dreams for Healing
 4) Pumpkin Soup Recipe ~ A Thanksgiving Favorite
 5) Healing Herbs Your Body Likes!
 6) Featured Healing eBooks and Courses
 7) Comments from you ~ Thanks for writing in!
 8) Things That Make You Go Ommm... ~ Great Products and Coupon Code offer!
 9) Today's Holistic Prayer~ Happy Diwali! This week Diwali is celebrated by Hindus in India and around the world...

But first, a heartfelt note:
We extend our sympathy to those on the East Coast, USA, impacted by mega storm Sandy. While we experienced downed trees and power outages in Bucks County, PA, it was nothing compared to what so many of our family, friends, colleagues, and customers have experienced in New York and New Jersey. Sending you love and light. We hope you are finding your way towards recovery!

"Dreams show us how to find meaning in our lives, how to fulfill our own destiny, how to realize the greater potential of life within us."

~ Marie Louise von Franz, author

Years ago, my favorite boss was ousted from his role as President of the college we worked at together. Sadly, this occurred during the last year of his life while he was struggling with cancer. He was replaced with a difficult and unpleasant woman. While I was considering whether to remain or move on from my role there, I had a vivid dream of this woman serving me tea at her office desk. While she was saying pleasant words to me with a smile, she poured me a cup of suspicious looking tea. It looked like muddy water. When I awoke, it was clear to me she was no friend to me nor should I trust her. This dream motivated me to formulate a new path.

In Laura Grace's Dreams for Healing course, she guides us to understand and examine important warnings and information for healing which our dreams reveal. We invite you to view her new video message and her updated course page here. We also invite you to review and share a recent press release about her online dream course.

We hope something in this issue shines a light on an area in your life in which you could use some support.


June Soyka Cook

June S. Cook
Self Healing Expressions (SHE)
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Dreams for Healing   Dreams for Healing Video Message by Laura Grace

Learn your personal dream language and let it assist you in healing relationships, your body, and life by discovering the longings of your soul. Learn to recall and interpret your dreams, the language of the heart and soul, to heal your heart, body and life. View video


Confused about Dream Meanings? Self Healing Expressions, Long Time Provider of Online Holistic Courses, Shares the Power of Dreams for Healing
Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) November 09, 2012
Self Healing Expressions (SHE), long-time providers of online holistic courses, empowers online learners with a variety of healing courses including a course in understanding dreams for healing and self-discovery. Dreams for Healing by Laura Grace, examines and embraces the depths of dreams and the power they possess. She guides students to understand dream meanings by deciphering their own distinct “dream language” teaching them to put their (night-time) dreams to work for healing and fulfilling their soul's blueprint. Her 19 lesson online dream course, with various web tools, guides students on a journey towards self-discovery and healing. Read on.
Dreams for Healing

Pumpkin Soup Recipe ~ A Thanksgiving Favorite by June Cook   Happy Thanksgiving from Self Healing Expressions!

Pumpkin Soup Recipe ~ A Thanksgiving Favorite by June Cook

This nutritious and delicious pumpkin soup has been a tradition at our family Thanksgiving dinners for as long as I can remember. My mother made it and I've adapted it slightly for our vegetarian palates by replacing the canned chicken broth with boxed vegetable broth. I also prefer red lentils - available in most health food stores - to brown lentils. I think the red lentils give the soup a more seasonal color. Get the mis-matched mugs out! It's a great crowd pleaser while waiting for dinner to be served. Printable recipe here


Healing Herbs Your Body Likes!       Healing Herbs Your Body Likes!

What healing herbs would support your body this season? This simple yet powerful graphic illustrates how you can put herbs to work in supporting or healing various organs in the body.

Brought to you Self Healing Expressions and Lana Thomas, author and instructor of Creating Your Own Healing Herbal Blends with Confidence

Side Note: This is part of our NEW series: "This Week's Self Healing Expression" ~ View graphic here and signup for this new series in the sidebar.

Featured Healing Courses!  Featured Healing Courses

Titles include these (and more!)...

Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level I by Shaman Maggie Wahls
Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover
Feng Shui Soulutions: Your 30 Day Home and Life Makeover by Deborah Redfern
Crystals for Healing: Crystal Therapy in Multi Dimensions
Crystals for Healing: Crystal Therapy in Multi Dimensions by Margaret Loris
Healing Whispers: Communication with Your Spirit Guides & Angels
Healing Whispers: Communication with Your Spirit Guides & Angels by Linda Pendleton
Breathing with the Divine Breath: Deep Inner Healing in The Beatitude Way
Breathing with the Divine Breath: Deep Inner Healing in The Beatitude Way by Rev. Elizabeth Reed, Ph.D. with Neil Douglas-Klotz, Ph.D.

Featured Healing eBooks!  Featured Healing eBooks

Titles include these (and more!)...

Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Using Natural Holistic Therapies
Curing Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Using Natural Holistic Therapies by Christine Fadhley
Fat Burning Detox Program
Fat Burning Detox Program by Nancy Desjardins
Healing with Integrative Energy Medicine: Increase Your Healing Power
Healing with Integrative Energy Medicine: Increase Your Healing Power by John Gabbard

Here's What You're Saying about our Healing Courses...   Here's What You're Saying about our Healing Courses ...

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey About Marty's First Year of Grief course...
"This is a wonderful course. I shall refer to it often. I am so deep in grief right now that nothing really helps but this course will stay with me." ~ Jan, UK

Discovering the Shaman Healer Within About Shaman Maggie's Shaman course...
"This course is an amazing journey which is providing me many tools to support me as I continue to walk my healing path. It's like another of the missing pieces in my life's jigsaw. Since commencing this program my focus has increased. I have stopped, sat down around my own campfire and taken intense notice of many things collected on this pathway. Some I have previously been introduced to yet did not utilize them to their full potential, others which are brand new have given me fascinating yet practical tools." ~ Susan B., RN, Educator, Counselor, Hypnosis Practitioner, Reiki Master, Australia

Writing for Life: Creating a Story of Your Own About Sandra's Writing for Life course...
"Through innovative exercises, Sandra Schubert helped me create a container for my innermost feelings where I had a chance to gain insight and awareness. Through journal writing and scrapbooking, I was able to record personal experiences and honor the moments in my life that sought authenticity and validation. Because Sandra’s unique approach to journal writing is so liberating, I highly recommend the Writing for Life course to creative writers, therapists, and teachers for their own possibilities and that of their clients in the healing power of language." ~ Karen R., New York

Thanks for writing in!

Things That Make You Go Ommm

The 7-Day Back Pain Cure

The 7-Day Back Pain Cure: How Thousands of People Got Relief without Doctors, Drugs, or Surgery.

Discover underlying, hidden, causes of back pain-where pain really comes from and how to stop in once and for all fast. Popular treatment approaches like pain medications, muscle relaxants, steroid injections, surgery, acupuncture, massage therapy, etc. may be helpful in relieving pain temporarily, but they often fail to deliver lasting relief because they don't address what's actually causing the pain. The "secret" to fast, long lasting relief is to focus your treatment on addressing the "hidden" causes of your pain, not just the symptoms, and "The 7-Day Back Pain Cure" shows you how. See video and order your F R E E copy of this book today! Order here and it will be shipped out to you.

The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet

How to Kick Start Your Alkaline Diet In 5 Simple Steps - How To Feel Healthy, Lose Weight And Be Young Again

The Total Wellness Cleanse ~ A New Year, A New You

The Total Wellness Cleanse ~ A New Year, A New You
"The Simplest and Most Powerful NATURAL Detox Diet Proven to Boost Weight Loss, Dramatically Increase All-Day Energy, Help You Look 10 Years Younger, and Cleanse Your Body from Harmful Toxins!" Click Here!

Lucid Dreaming Made Easy

Lucid Dreaming made Easy™

We have reviewed this program and it is a comprehensive digital program that guides you on how to Lucid Dream from the very basics to an advance level. Downloadable audios and content allows you to learn in the comfort of your own home. You don't need to learn any complicated techniques or be an avid meditation expert.

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This Issue's Holistic Prayer   Closing Thoughts

From Self Healing Expressions and Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, author and instructor of Discovering the Goddess: A Path to Healing, Spirituality and Joy

"Diwali is a festival celebrated by Hindus in India and around the world. Diwali falls on the new moon in November, although some years in October. The festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It is called "the festival of lights" and people light rows of lights (deepas) to commemorate gods and goddesses of the Hindu of the Hindu faith and mythology--especially the Goddess of Fortune, Lakshmi, her consort, Vishnu, and the god of Wealth, Kubera. During this holiday people wear their best most colorful clothing, they bring sweets to the temple and one another's homes, they host gatherings, and even set off firecrackers in some parts of the world." ~ Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, also author of Just Ask Lakshmi: Praying to the Goddess of Fortune ~ Heal Financial Worries, Magnetize Money, & Invite Opportunities

We leave you today with this blessing...

Today's Holistic Prayer

"I invoke Sri, the blissful goddess,
who is sweet-smiling,
who lives in a hall of gold,
who is full of compassion and drenched with it from the heart,
who is resplendent at the seat of the lotus,
is lotus-hued, and who bestows all pleasures to her devotees."

~ Sri Sukta, from the Rig Veda

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