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Issue 121 - June 2012 ~ Friending Your Body, Mind and Spirit with Self Care and Love

By Self Healing Expressions

In this Issue
 1) What's Cookin' ~ Opening remarks by June Cook
 2) NEW! Check out our Holistic Marketplace!
 3) Embracing Patience and Loving Allowance for Others and Self by Linda Pendleton
 4) A Traditional Shamanic Way to Protect Yourself from Negativity by Shaman Elder Maggie
 5) Take Control of Arthritis and Get Your Life Back by Jesse Cannone CFT, CPRS
 6) This Week's Featured eCourses and eBooks for Self Care and Love
 7) Comments from you ~ Thanks for writing in!
 8) Things That Make You Go Ommm... ~ Coupon offer!
 9) This Issue's Holistic Prayer ~ Buddha wisdom

"I remember when my mother died, as we were waiting for the people from the funeral home to come, my father said I need to go say goodbye to your mother's body. And I must have looked at him questioningly or something. He said, you know, I know that's not all of who your mother was, but that's the body I woke up to every day for 35 years. That's the body that gave birth to you and your brothers. That's the body your mother had when I fell in love with her. And I was so struck by that and thought, I really need to make sure that I make friends with my physical self and really explore what my body can do."

~ Rev. Amy Richter, 'Ripped Reverend' Finds Joy In Bodybuilding

While doing abdominal curls in a Pilates class recently, the instructor said, “Think of your workout as something to look forward to; your little treat for yourself.” I thought this was a great way of looking at it and fully embraced this thinking as soon as she said it.

Self-care and love, whether it's for your body, mind or spirit, honors you! So in honor of you, see if one of our articles or offerings below might support you in the coming days or months!

On a different note, we are in the process of renovating the Self Healing Expressions web site, please excuse the inconsistent look of our pages during this transition period. Do let us know how you like our new look!


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As Light as a Feather: Spiritual Tidbits to Ponder   Embracing Patience and Loving Allowance for Others and Self
Linda Pendleton, excerpt from As Light as a Feather: Spiritual Tidbits to Ponder

Patience is virtuous and most of us wish we had more, don’t we? So often in life we lose patience with others. Lack or loss of patience, is operating under one’s own agenda and not affording the other person the courtesy or love that would give them the necessary things they may need. In other words we are not giving them loving allowance. Losing patience is being self-focused, rather than being other-focused. We all have... Read on.

Linda Pendleton is the author of numerous books, ebooks and these online spiritual courses:
  • Healing Whispers: Communication with Your Spirit Guides & Angels
  • Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit and Our Connection to It


A Traditional Shamanic Way to Protect Yourself from Negativity   A Traditional Shamanic Way to Protect Yourself from Negativity
By Shaman Elder Maggie, instructor of Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

Would you like a way to protect yourself from the negative energies all around us here in this world? Would you like a place you can go where there is only Love and Light and nobody can get in there without your permission? And what if you could take this place with you all during your day! I call this place your bubble of protection. It was given to each of us by Creator because Creator knew that man would create some pretty nasty things and we would need some kind of shield we could hold up and stay safe from negative energies, emotions, thoughts, and more. Read on.

Shaman Elder Maggie Wahls is the creator and instructor of these popular online healing courses:
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within
Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level II


Take Control of Arthritis and Get Your Life Back!
Take Control of Arthritis and Get Your Life Back!
by Jesse Cannone, CFT, CPRS
The Healthy Back Institute

Red, burning, swollen and so stiff you don't want to move...that's what those who suffer from arthritis experience on a daily basis. If you know this all too well, you are probably one of the 46 million Americans (that's 1 out of every 5 people) that are living with arthritis every day. To better understand how to get relief from this debilitating disease we need to dive deeper into its root cause... Read on.


Featured Healing eBooks  This Week's Featured eCourses and eBooks for Self Care and Love

Creating Your Own Healing Herbal Blends with Confidence

Creating Your Own Healing Herbal Blends with Confidence by Lana J. Thomas, herbalist
Whether you wish to be the Family Doctor for yourself and those closest to you—or—develop and hone your skills towards creating or expanding your own healing practice, this Herbalist Training course is intended to help you pave a path so you may step into whatever role you desire with confidence.

The Healing Power of Food: Conscious Eating

The Healing Power of Food: Conscious Eating by Julianne Koritz, RD, licensed dietitian/nutritionist
Create an enjoyable relationship with food by focusing on nurturing the body, mind and spirit and less on traditional dieting. Learn how conscious eating can be a key ally in healing your body and life by strengthening your immune system and increasing your energy level.

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey by Marty Tousley, grief counselor
If you are mourning the loss of a loved one, accept this invitation to enroll in this grief-healing course designed to help you move through grief actively over the coming weeks, months and yes, perhaps even years.

Self-Massage Plus: Caring for Your Aching Muscles and More

Self-Massage Plus: Caring for Your Aching Muscles and More
Learn self massage techniques and get relief from head to toes in this Self Massage eBook. Be guided towards self care with self massage techniques designed to alleviate a wide array of ailments. Authored by Richard Adinolfi, LMT.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists ~ Self-Massage Plus: Caring for Your Aching Muscles and More Earn 10 Continuing Education Units (10 CEUs) towards your massage therapy recertification. Download this Massage Therapy Home Study Course of self-care techniques with online test today.


Here's What You're Saying about our Healing Courses...   Here's What You're Saying about our Healing Courses ...

About Margaret Loris' Crystals for Healing course...
"This course completely changed the way I perceived crystals and stones. To think of them as a vibrational "living" thing with the capability of healing is simply amazing!" ~ Maurice, NY

About Deborah's Feng Shui Soulutions course...
"Your eCourse is amazing Deborah! It is very thorough, insightful and full of useful exercises. Your links to Suggested Resources are very well thought out and complement each lesson. I'm looking at my environment and self totally different! Thank you so much for this invaluable course!" ~Karen J., Colorado

About Rev. Reed's Breathing with the Divine The Beatitude Way
"Easter is happening late in my personal life this year and I particularly like entering the darkness of the tomb/womb knowing that I can count on coming through this difficult time. The study of the beatitudes for me at this time has been powerful and each lesson seems so synchronistic with my journey. I continue to use the breathing meditations on a daily basis. I am really excited by e courses as a way to do self-study. Your course is beautifully done and technically easy to maneuver." ~ Dr. Jane B., New Mexico, USA

Thanks for writing in!

Things That Make You Go Ommm

Yoga Download

Download Yoga Classes for Cardio

Looking for traditional cardio that understands your yogi sensibilities? Yoga Download has created the Running Coach workout series to guide you through perfectly timed intervals of running and walking. A challenging workout designed to help you feel with burn, but not the burn out. Different levels of intensity let you grow with your own levels of endurance and strength.

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This Issue's Holistic Prayer   Closing Thoughts

This Issue's Holistic Prayer

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha

May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings awaken to the light of their true nature.
May all beings be free.

The Buddha

Peace, Love and Light,

Your Friends at Self Healing Expressions

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