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  clear negative energy, remove negative energy, remove negative energy, space clearing, house cleansing, remove negative energy from house, house cleansing rituals, space clearing ceremony

Feng Shui with Color & House Cleansing

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Attract new opportunities, increased abundance and success using feng shui and color to create balance and harmony in your home and life. Color can deplete, depress or enhance. This course guides you to create a plan for home décor that honors you and supports healing, recovery and well-being.

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Question: We need some serious help. My spouse and I are newly weds and we are going to be moving into our home soon but as of now we live with her family. However this house is completely engulfed with negative energy. We have the downstairs, but the rest of the family is so angry and so negative all the time. It has begun to take its toll on us as well. We are fighting constantly. When we are not in the house we are truly wonderful but the moment we step into the house the madness begins. We both feel it, what can we do to protect ourselves until we can get out of here? Please help us. This is really killing us.

Answer: It sounds like you and your spouse are really sensitive to energy fields. The good news is you can transform energy that feels negative to you – from a place that feels depressing, to a place that feels uplifting – through a process called Space Clearing. Space Clearing helps change the patterns that get locked into a home; patterns that affect people on both emotional and physical levels. Space Clearing also aligns the home to the goals and wishes of the people who live there. There are four steps to Space Clearing, and since it is your in-law's home, you will not be able to do all of the steps without their consent and participation. However, you will be able to do the first step, which is the preparation.

House Cleansing ~ Space Clearing Steps

Step 1 is to physically clean the home.
This is an important step in Space Clearing because cleaning on an energetic level without first cleaning physically is like getting dressed in your finest clothes and having unwashed hair. The effect is just not the same. Begin a really thorough house cleaning – vacuuming, sweeping, washing the floors, cleaning the windows and so on. As you clean, focus on putting harmonious and uplifting energy into the house. You can also try some of the suggestions in my article Spring Cleaning with Intent.

Step 2 ~ Remove Clutter
There is another step you can take – if your in-laws are receptive. If there is clutter around, such as things that are broken, are no longer of any use to anyone, or there are old newspapers and magazines lying around, this would be a great time to find a new home for them or take them to the recyclers. Needless to say you will have to be very diplomatic and sensitive with your suggestions. What one person may think is clutter, another may dearly love. Think of it like a childhood teddy bear which is worn out from loving. One person may think of it as being ready for the garbage bin, but the child who owns that bear may love it despite all its 'boo-boos, or even because of them.

Step 3 ~ Space Clearing Ceremony
If your in-laws are receptive to the idea of the Space Clearing process, I recommend you hire a professional feng shui consultant to do the ceremony for your family. For listings of consultants in your area, look here. What happens in this process is that the consultant goes throughout the entire home and disperses any energy that feels dense or sticky (this is how negative energy often feels). The Space Clearer will often use a bell or drum in this process. Then positive, harmonious energy is put back into the home with the same, or a different 'tool'. The space clearing ceremony takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the size of the home. Generally people feel the results immediately, reporting that colors look brighter and the air seems clearer and crisper, and it does have a positive impact on moods.

Step 4 ~ Create a Sanctuary of your own
In your own area downstairs, make your space as pleasant as possible, so that it can be a sanctuary that will protect you and keep your spirits uplifted. Bring some of your favorite colors in, and if your stay there is too temporary to do painting, buy some inexpensive throws or fabric that you can drape over your bed or hang on the wall. Colors that soothe and calm are blues and greens. Avoid red and orange since they can inflame hot tempers.

You can also set up a special area to attract harmonious energy.
On a table top or some suitable place, collect together items that represent peace, goodwill and harmony to you. This works best when you do this with ceremony and intent. For example, you can lay down a beautiful cloth as the foundation. You might place photographs of your family where everyone is happy. Or if none exist, find a picture in a magazine of a family that looks like they are enjoying each other's company and use that to represent how you would like your family to be. You can also use crystals, plants and flowers, incense, candles, etc. – anything that reminds you of peace, harmony and loving family connections. Once you set all this up, remember to keep it fresh and clean so that it will continue to attract harmonious energy. It may help to think of this area as a beacon of light and hope that shoots up from your space downstairs, up through the home and out to the heavens. Imagine your thoughts are heard and peace and calmness are being drawn back down into your home.

Best wishes to you both,

Deborah Redfern

Deborah is a certified Practitioner and Master Teacher of Interior Alignment ©. She is the creator and instructor of these online courses:

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Self-Healing Expressions
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