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  inner miracle maker, making miracles happen, a course in miracles, allowing miracles, healing miracles, online miracles course, laurie smith

Soul Wisdom: A Guide To Miraculous Living, Book 1

Tapping Your Inner Miracle Maker

Tapping Your Inner Miracle Maker

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Tapping the Inner Miracle Maker by Claiming Our Truth
By Laurie E. Smith

As I stood on the sidewalk with my son in my arms, the real estate agent chatted on and on about why the house we had just seen was perfect for us. I tried to be polite but felt my body growing tense. Many thoughts were going through my mind. "My son needs a nap…I don't have time for this right now." And perhaps the most prominent: "I hate this house!" At the time, however, I just stood quietly, listening, my inner truth grumbling underneath my calm (I think!) exterior.

Each of us, at one time or another, has buried his or her inner truth. Sometimes we do this just for a moment - to be polite, protect someone else's feelings, save time, or to avoid "making waves." Other times, we veil our truth to protect ourselves from the disappointment, judgment or ridicule of someone whose respect we value greatly - like a parent or spouse. Whether our cloaking the truth is momentary or the denial of a lifelong desire (like a yearning to live somewhere else, do something else as a career, or to make a major life change), we usually know something isn't quite right by the way we feel.

On the path to allowing miracles to flow into our lives, nothing is more important than being clear about our truth, and being willing to express it - if to no other person, then at least to ourselves. When we are aligned about what we want, and are openly admitting it and sharing it with others, something magical happens. Life flows. Synchronicities happen and it begins to feel as if we are being led through life by some magical force.

In my online course Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition, the first step in making miracles happen is to "Ask."

Sound easy? Not always. The first step in asking for what we want is discerning if it's something we really want, or if it's something we think we "should" want-for some surface reason. The only way to tell the difference is to tune inward to what I call the Inner Miracle Maker, or the "real" us. Desires aligned with our Inner Miracle Maker often don't make much sense. They often aren't what others think we should want. They just are - the way some part of me knew that house wasn't right. Listening inward means being willing to trust the information we receive, whether or not it makes any sense to our surface self.

Sometimes uncovering what our Inner Miracle Maker really wants isn't so easy. It can take hard work. Through trial and error, and a firm commitment to our own happiness, we discern and hone what it is we really want-down to the last detail. Finding out what, exactly, our truth is, can take lots of legwork and the messy art of living (like seeing hundreds of houses before we find our dream home!), willingness to make mistakes, and clearing - cleaning and getting rid of what no longer serves us.

Finally, once we've discovered our truth, making miracles happen means having the courage to not just speak our truth, but to sing it, celebrate it and live it in all we do. The more closely we are living in alignment with our truth - in all aspects of our lives, the easier it becomes to share it with the world, whether simply in polite conversation with a stranger, or asking someone we love for what we really want.

I ultimately did share with our real estate agent my true feelings about the house that day. And no, we haven't yet found our "dream home." But, we're hot on the trail - not just in our house hunt, but also in discovering our truth. I'm hopeful that, as so often happens, the more we learn to honor who we really are, the more miracles will unfold in our lives.

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