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Kyros Time versus Chronos Time

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"It's my world. I just let all of you live in it."

Put It Into Practice: Operating in Kyros Time

By Deanna Reynolds

Last time, we discussed the Universal Time Delay (as outlined in my Conscious Earning ebook). Recall that a time delay in getting what you want is the time the Universe uses to prepare and ship your order. The delay gives you the opportunity to modify or cancel your order if you change your mind.

We also discussed chronos time versus kyros time. Kyros time is Universal time and chromos time is physical (or chronological) time. These two states of time were inspired by the ancient Greeks.

Kyros time is timeless.
This is what you aim for when you "seize the moment" or just allow yourself to "be." Often, Kyros time is described as "a window of opportunity."

You can actively operate in Kyros time through a little constant conscious effort. That's not to say that you can spend your entire day in Kyros time, but you can experience snippets of it. Each snippet you spend in Kyros time draws the Universal energy closer to you. And, when you're successful with this technique, you will find that you have a great deal of control over your entire experience.

Someone once told me, "It's my world. I just let all of you live in it." And, he was right. We each define our experience here. We each have complete control over the people we interact with and how we spend our time. In every interaction, there is always a choice on how to respond. Learning this concept became a power point for me.

Learning to play with Kyros time was another important power point.
That is to say, these concepts allowed me to control my reality rather than allowing my reality to control me. That brings us to how you can actively "play" with Kyros time.
  1. Pick an activity (this works well when driving or working on a project with a short timeframe).

  2. Look at the clock [chromos time] and pick an exact time for which you will complete the activity. Pick a time that is believable to you.

  3. Continue with your activity, but don't look at the clock again until the activity is complete.
If you are successful, the second time you look at the clock, you will see the exact time you defined in the second step.

For instance, the next time you get in your car to drive somewhere, look at the clock and determine the average time it takes to arrive at your destination. When you arrive at your destination, check the clock again. Did you arrive at the calculated time? If so, this is Kryos time.

For me, the mall is about 15 minutes away. Before I pull out of my driveway, I look at the clock and pick a time that is 12 minutes in the future. Then, I state that I will be at my destination at that time. Specifically, I say out loud, "I will be pulling into my parking space at XX:XX."

Then, I just drive and enjoy the view. I don't look at the clock again until I'm parked at my destination. More times than not, I arrive at the exact moment I stated I would. Again, this is Kyros time.

When working through this exercise, it's important to have a playful attitude. Sometimes you will succeed and sometimes you won't. If you don't arrive at the exact time you stated, check your beliefs – was your arrival time believable? If the answer is yes, then simply thank the Universe for delivering you to your destination at exactly the right time, even if it wasn't your predefined time.

And, always pick a believable end time, especially in the beginning. Your beliefs have a lot to do with what you get and what you don't get in your physical reality. The more your beliefs are enforced, the more power you begin to gain towards achieving what you want.

Copyright © 2009 by Deanna Reynolds. All rights reserved. Excerpt from her Healing
Conscious Earning: A Path to Quadrupling Income in One Year.

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