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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
  feng shui symbols, feng shui colors, deborah redfern, feng shui study, feng shui courses

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Healing with Feng Shui and Color
Healing with Feng Shui and Color

Attract new opportunities, increased abundance and success using feng shui and color to create balance and harmony in your home and life. Color can deplete, depress or enhance. This course guides you to create a plan for home décor that honors you and supports healing, recovery and well-being.

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Healing with Feng Shui: Circles and Labyrinths for Wholeness
by Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui

The bagua map journey of life is a three dimensional spiral, like climbing a winding path around a mountain. At the top of the spiral there is a centre area where life force energy is gathered and contained. The symbol used to represent this sacred centre in the bagua map is the T'ai Chi, which depicts the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, and female and male. It has no beginning and no end. It is the cycle of seasons, of day and night, of birth and death. It is a reminder that everything is connected.

The Circle
The circle represents wholeness, unity, completion, and eternity. It both draws energy into the centre and radiates the energy back out in all directions. The circle can be a powerful healing force in your life that can help you feel more centered and grounded.

When we are centered, we experience clarity about our inner light and we are in alignment with our own divine nature as human beings. We are perfectly clear on the physical, emotional and spiritual level in every moment. And by using a circle in a symbolic way, we can become more centered and grounded in our lives.

Walking a Labyrinth
After completing Interior Alignment training in California, a group of us went to the Grace Cathedral in San Francisco to walk the labyrinth. A labyrinth is a sacred path used for journeying. Originally the labyrinth was a way for those who were unable to physically travel to holy sites to experience a pilgrimage to the holy realm that resided inside themselves. Today, most people walk a sacred labyrinth to seek knowledge and wisdom and to mark a turning point in life.

Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

A labyrinth is a different from a maze. We cannot get lost in a labyrinth, for it only has one path that leads into the center and back out again. Although the path folds back on itself, and sometimes it can feel like you are going further away from the centre than towards, a labyrinth never has dead ends and false starts like a maze does. On a labyrinth walk, one always goes closer to the centre. This is not to say that walking a labyrinth is not a challenge. One must walk with awareness or risk stepping off the path and end up going in the opposite direction altogether.

It was a beautiful clear evening when we arrived at the Grace Cathedral, and an enormous full moon was rising on the horizon. We stepped on the labyrinth in the courtyard of the Church with reverence and walked silently, lost in our own thoughts, each one of us processing our training experience in our own way.

As each person arrived in the centre of the labyrinth we held hands and formed another circle, a circle within a circle. It was a moment larger than all of us and seemed to make our training experience complete. As we gazed at the full moon we knew that although we would be many miles apart physically, we could reconnect in spirit each time we looked at the full moon.

While walking the labyrinth I prayed for health and wholeness, and for courage to keep going on my chosen path even through times of self-doubt and difficulty. I put the intent out that the healing energy my work created would fly around the world like holy sparks, and create awareness and healing wherever it landed.

To realize this dream meant traveling inside, healing old wounds and getting a clear vision of the form my work would take. I asked for assistance and received this vision of using the bagua map for life journeying. By journeying with the bagua map and observing the memories, beliefs and emotions that arise along the way, we can uncover the hidden layers to ourselves and move forward in our lives.

Deborah Redfern at Grace Cathedral Labyrinth

Deborah Redfern, author of Odyssey of the Heart, Paths to Wholeness through Feng Shui, guides learners in feng shui study. She is the creator and instructor of these feng shui courses:

Healing with Feng Shui and Color
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