Self-Healing Expressions
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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
  laughter blips, online laughter course, online laughter class, spirit of laughter, lynn shaw, laughter resources, laugh therapy, laughter healing, humor and health, therapeutic laughter

Lynnís Laughter Blips

By Lynn Shaw, Laugh Therapist

Laughter for the Healing Heart
Laughter for the Healing Heart. A laughter therapy course by Lynn Shaw, author and laugh therapist. If you are experiencing a health or emotional low, laughter exercises can be an adjunct to a healthy outlook. Discover how laughter can help reduce symptoms of allergies, abdominal pain and digestive problems -- to name a few. And help you manage anger and fear. For those dealing with physical or emotional distress, finding laughter in daily life can profoundly enhance healing and the quality of life!
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Burning Calories, Laughing All the Way
Have you ever notice when you laugh hard, you stop thinking? It puts you right in the present moment. Laughter meditation is a way to relax and quiet your mind. In essence, you use laughter to release running thoughts and worries. It can be done in a group or alone....  [More...]

Fear and Laughter, A Heartbeat Away
Perhaps the most paralyzing emotion is fear. Its intense, sudden arrival has caused giants to halt. Sometimes you think you'll outgrow fear and no longer need the light on to fall asleep. Then your mind perceives the threat, clarity is clouded, and the adrenalin power surge reminds you that fear, like laughter, is a heartbeat away. Does fear prevent you from living with a laughing heart?  [More...]

Finding the Spirit of Laughter with Laughter Meditation
Have you ever notice when you laugh hard, you stop thinking? It puts you right in the present moment. Laughter meditation is a way to relax and quiet your mind. In essence, you use laughter to release running thoughts and worries. It can be done in a group or alone....  [More...]

Laughter Therapy: Finding the Spirit of Laughter
The spirit of laughter lies within each one of us, connecting with the mind, body and spirit. It is not separated as if we treat only the foot or only the hand. Take a moment to draw a triangle on paper with all sides in proportion, and then label one side Mind, one side Body, and one side Spirit. Now, draw a circle inside the triangle with the circle touching each side of the triangle. Write the word Emotions in the circle. This diagram illustrates that when we are...  [More...]

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~   2005   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Lynn's Laughter Blip ~ Are You Getting the Joke?
Did you laugh at the last email joke you got? If not, don't feel bad because there are important distinctions between humor and laughter. And understanding this distinction is a key step in finding and embracing laughter for healing. Laughter is innate and is energy that can be shared because there is not a stimulus that has to accompany it. Humor however, is...  [Read on and see which image gets you laughing]

Lynn's Laughter Blip
Storytelling: Locking in Memories with Laughter  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for March
Research reveals that we think over 50,000 thoughts a day! Furthermore, it is believed that the average adult fills his or her mind with 80% of the same thoughts from yesterday. Thus, 40,000 thoughts today were the same as yesterday -- now doesn't that just boggle the mind...  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for January
I recently received a phone call from a woman inquiring whether I could speak for her group. Her phone call came on a Sunday afternoon and interrupted my nap, which usually occurs while watching football. As I answered the phone, my voice was not my usual level of cheerfulness as I answered with a groggy voice and a sleepy head. The woman responded to my greeting with, "You certainly don't sound like you want to tee hee right now." Well, lady, what gave you that idea?! I thought, as I tried to focus on her questions. I soon realized I was not quite with it so I told her I would have to call her back the next day...  [More. . . ]

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~   2004   ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Lynn's Laughter Blip for December
"I'm gonna laugh that gray right out of my day." If you remember the commercial with the theme song, "I'm going to wash that gray right out of my hair" - or the South Pacific musical song, "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my head," then you'll know the tune to the opening sentence. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just laugh and wash away the blues? It really can be that simple; yet for many this time of year, the idea of a ho ho ho during the holidays is reserved for the commercials and ringing Santa's...  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for November
Recently my 14-year-old son could not locate his wallet. He spent several days asking if I had seen it, several days looking for it, and several days stewing about it. I did not join in the search because he is notorious for walking past his shoes while asking, "Where are my shoes?" I thought this was another one of those moments. On the fourth day of the "lost wallet saga," my husband...  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for October
The fall frenzy of activity escalates during the month of October. For those of us in the changing climates and seasons, it is the time to squeeze in brisk walks, great apples, and winterize homes and vehicles. For those in the year-round climates, a different emphasis may be placed on this month that can be shared universally. October is a reminder that we only have two months left to achieve our intentions for 2004, which may perpetuate the frenzy of activity. I suggest that we use the month of October to...  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for September
Frances, Charles and Ivan are not names that are in the top 20 children's names today. Yet, these names have been heard daily in the media and in many households. For those who know these three up close and personal, survival and living are now equated with the ravages of the mighty forces of nature. Maintaining one's sense of composure and sense of humor is not as easy when adversity strikes like a hurricane. These experiences focus on us the human factor in crisis and we hear stories about miracles and gratitude. We also hear stories of sadness and grief. I was glad to hear from three women in the Florida area who... [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for August
Dare we laugh during difficult times? During tough times we may think that laughter is inappropriate or an indication that we're not as serious as we "should" be. My belief is that it is in tough times that laughter is especially helpful to move us from intense introspection to connection with others, perhaps through service and outreach. Laughter is about connection, and I can't think of a better time to connect outside of self than during difficult times.... if you need a jumpstart, here are some ideas to help get you laughing ...  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for July
In the midwest, life tends to s-l-o-w down in July, one of the hottest, stickiest, low energy times of the year. Vacations increase and comfortable temperatures decrease fitting the adage, "lazy days of summer." Things can get so slow in Indiana that a person can make a laughing sound "Ha Ha" and be done for the day! Okay, maybe that's stretching the hot weather impact!  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for June
"Mom, you need to smile more." My 15-year-old-son was sitting across from me at a restaurant. I had spent the past 15 minutes asking him questions about his life, which were answered in short, swift sentences. Realizing I was working at this harder than he, I fell silent and ate. After a couple of minutes, he made his profound statement -- "Mom, you need to smile more." I laughed at the irony. . .

Continue reading this blip  here and have a "smile" on Lynn.

Lynn's Laughter Blip for May
Recently country singer, Wynonna Judd, chose to go public with her weight loss struggles and appeared on the Oprah show with her family. As she shared her roller coaster ride with her current struggle and her intentions, she said, "The pain of not changing is much greater than the pain of changing."  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for April
Implementing laughter into each day comes down to three little words. The application of these words can take on many forms and can be utilized in many settings.  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for March
Ever have one of those days? Too many tasks for the time allotted. . . too many demands that seem overwhelming. . . too many frowns that have left wrinkle residue on your forehead and alongside your mouth.  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for February
The Midwest has experienced a tough winter with enough snow and ice to create a lasting memory. Though we know it is winter, there is some surprise element when we hear, "You're getting three more inches of snow!" The last thing most of us want to do is frolic with glee and play in the fresh fallen wintry sparkles of white. No, we usually huddle down under the quilt, stock up on our favorite beverage, continue our hibernation, and groan about living in this climate.  [More. . . ]

Lynn's Laughter Blip for January
Humor cannot always be shared. Humor is learned and isn't always appreciated by more than the interpreter. There has to be an intellectual connection as well. Laughter, on the other hand, is innate and can be shared.  [More. . . ]

Lynn Shaw resides in Indiana and is the creator and instructor of the Self-Healing Expressions course Laughter for the Healing Heart. Learn more about Lynn and her laughter therapy course here: