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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
laughter classes online, laughter therapy activities, laughter exercises for the elderly, laughter therapy, return to laughter, healing laughter

Laughter for the Healing Heart
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"Lynn Shaw has invited us to use laughter, a gift we all have at our disposal, in our daily lives. She offers information, inspiration and instruction on how and why we need to accept and celebrate this gift. "
- Jacki Kwan, LCSW-C Humor Therapist

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Laughter for the Healing Heart
Laughter for the Healing Heart. A laughter therapy course by Lynn Shaw, author and laugh therapist. If you are experiencing a health or emotional low, laughter exercises can be an adjunct to a healthy outlook. Discover how laughter can help reduce symptoms of allergies, abdominal pain and digestive problems -- to name a few. And help you manage anger and fear. For those dealing with physical or emotional distress, finding laughter in daily life can profoundly enhance healing and the quality of life!
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Lynn's Laughter Blip for January

Reconnecting Our Spirits: Return to Laughter
By Lynn Shaw, Laugh Therapist

I recently received a phone call from a woman inquiring whether I could speak for her group. Her phone call came on a Sunday afternoon and interrupted my nap, which usually occurs while watching football. As I answered the phone, my voice was not my usual level of cheerfulness as I answered with a groggy voice and a sleepy head. The woman responded to my greeting with, "You certainly don't sound like you want to tee hee right now." Well, lady, what gave you that idea?! I thought, as I tried to focus on her questions. I soon realized I was not quite with it so I told her I would have to call her back the next day.

After I hung up, I wondered how many business owners get calls on their rest days. Okay, I admit it. I was annoyed to get a business call on a Sunday, and I was annoyed to be awakened by a business call. The next day I called her back to decline her invitation due to a previous scheduling. After we hung up, I noted that her tone of voice was not as cheerful as it had been when she called me. I realized that my tone the day before had set the tone for our ongoing connections. And I wanted to call her back and explain everything. Of course I didn't.

This exchange did make me think about how we are perceived in our attitudes, tone of voice, and words we convey. Using therapeutic laughter as a tool for coping doesn't mean that I am always "on" or always laughing, but it does mean that I have a resource at my disposal to help me shift from a sleepy head to an awakened mind. It does mean that I could have laughingly talked with this woman and extended some more grace than let my annoyance show. In essence, I think I blew this one. I could rationalize my choices, but knowing who I am and how I choose to interact with individuals, I blew it. This woman had an expectation that the person she saw presenting on the benefits of laughter whom, in her mind, was quite funny (she did tell me that) would laugh with her that Sunday afternoon. It didn't happen. I didn't utilize one of my most valued resources: laughter.

Right now it's tough for many of us to feel grand when the television images remind us of the quick results of nature's wild dances. From the Tsunami, to ice storms, to floods, to mudslides, the world watches and is filled with hope and despair. We can easily feel disconnected like my Sunday caller and I did. We may feel angry. We may not utilize the resources that we value to replenish our spirits and find our spirits sagging from negativity and hopelessness.

Rather than turn from all we know, put one resource into practice. Review the e-courses at Self-Healing Expressions and find what speaks to you these days. If you can support the relief efforts, do so in whatever capacity you can. If you can smile on the phone, do so. As for me, I will be making a phone call to a woman who wanted to laugh and reconnect our spirits.

Lynn Shaw resides in Indiana and is the creator and instructor of the Self-Healing Expressions course Laughter for the Healing Heart. Learn more about Lynn and her course here:

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