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laughter, spirit of laughter, laughter therapy, online laughter course, online laughter class
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laughter, spirit of laughter, laughter therapy, online laughter course, online laughter class

Laughter for the Healing Heart
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"Lynn Shaw has invited us to use laughter, a gift we all have at our disposal, in our daily lives. She offers information, inspiration and instruction on how and why we need to accept and celebrate this gift. "
- Jacki Kwan, LCSW-C Humor Therapist

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Laughter Therapy

Laughter for the Healing Heart
Laughter for the Healing Heart. A laughter therapy course by Lynn Shaw, author and laugh therapist. If you are experiencing a health or emotional low, laughter exercises can be an adjunct to a healthy outlook. Discover how laughter can help reduce symptoms of allergies, abdominal pain and digestive problems -- to name a few. And help you manage anger and fear. For those dealing with physical or emotional distress, finding laughter in daily life can profoundly enhance healing and the quality of life!
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Laughter Therapy: Finding the Spirit of Laughter

By Lynn Shaw, Laugh Therapist

The spirit of laughter lies within each one of us, connecting with the mind, body and spirit. It is not separated as if we treat only the foot or only the hand.

Laughter Therapy Exercise:
Take a moment to draw a triangle on paper with all sides in proportion, and then label one side mind, one side body, and one side spirit. Now, draw a circle inside the triangle with the circle touching each side of the triangle. Write the word emotions in the circle.

This diagram illustrates that when we are in balance, our life functions proportionately. Our emotions are in balance supporting each aspect of the triangle. Now think about the spirit being depleted and there's a feeling of despair, hopelessness, fatigue, weary, or disconnectedness. The spirit side of the triangle is out of proportion to the rest and an imbalance has occurred.

Being aware of spirit is recognizing the signals of depletion before becoming totally depleted. Laughter is a means of replenishing your spirit.

Take an awareness check-up
  • How is your spirit today?
  • Have you laughed today?
  • What can you do today to capture the spirit of laughter?
In previous laughter blips, you have been encouraged to laugh and to generate your own laughter sounds. Today you are invited to give yourself permission to be creative, to play, to be funny, to laugh - to replenish your spirit.

As You Begin a New Year, Be Intentional
Experience what happens to you today (this month, this year) when you focus on the spirit side of your triangle. What happens to you when you connect with yourself and others through the creative, playful, and intentional being you are? Capturing the spirit of laughter is not just reading about it; it is deciding to enjoy it!

Excerpted from Self-Healing Expressions' laughter therapy course Laughter for the Healing Heart by Lynn Shaw. Learn more about laugh therapist Lynn Shaw and her course now.

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