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Learn Love Meditations and Love Rituals

Printable love meditation below.

Learn Love Meditations and Love Rituals   Rituals for Love and Romance:
Attract Your Soul Mate with Self-Love and Ceremony

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway

Author of Find Your Spiritual Soul Mate

Stuck in a Rut without Love and Romance? Learn an array of love rituals, ceremonies, and love meditations that can support you in loving yourself and attracting your soul mate!

"My greatest good fortune in life of brilliant experiences has been to find you, and to lead my life with you. I don't feel far away from you out here at all. I feel very near in my heart, and also I feel that the nearer I get to honor, the nearer I am to you."
~ Winston Churchill, in a letter to his wife

Love Meditation: A Spring Time Reawakening to Self Love & Soulful Love

By Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, author of Rituals for Love and Romance

Spring is upon us. This is the time when the heart reawakens from the darkness of winter, and the loins and hormones begin to stir. Our bodies are getting ready for love.

It is important to make sure our hearts and souls are coming along for the journey.

This new spring is a wonderful time to reclaim your birthright and take a stand for your own self-worth and innate ability to love and live in the embrace of love.

  If you have had trouble with love in the past...
  If you have been horribly disappointed and had your heart broken by people you've loved...
  If you are lonely, angry, unhappy, sad, worried or bummed out...
  If you believe you can't find true, lasting, soulful love because you haven't found it yet...

Make a choice – right now – to reclaim the innocence of the heart and reconnect to soulful love.

It's time to remember...
Love is the very essence of who we are. It is where we come from, and where we return to when our time on this planet is through. Love is a vital part of our self-expression yet we tend to focus on it most when we feel it is missing. Technically, as beings of light and love, we are capable of expressing it fully and unconditionally at any time. But alas, even though the human heart is vast, the human mind keeps records and looks for the "return." Children and furry friends have an innate connection to unconditional love and they have lots to teach us. For many, it is our children and beloved pets who are the first to teach us and lead us to know love's true purity.

It may take a lifetime to embody the heavenly wisdom of unconditional love; certainly, our earthly relationships provide a pathway for knowing at least a glimmer of its truth.

Zen on Self Love
It is our human habit to search for that profound love in "the other;" but it is the soul that leads us to the person we can most trust to be a mirror of love, reflecting our own love back to us in bright, sacred light.

Sometimes it is easier to see our own loving nature as it is reflected in the eyes of the beloved who stands before us, arms open; sometimes in relationship with someone we love, respect and admire we can identify our own ability to love, and see it more clearly than when left to our own devices. As spiritual beings we all have a notion and an intellectual understanding of divine love, still, we search for it with our hearts and souls. Perhaps that search is the very reason we are on this planet.

We seek to find and define love in all of our relationships, but some relationships offer more intensity than others. In romantic love, a couple is brought together by the deep and deepening remembrance of who they are through their love for one another.
"Create the kind of self you will be happy to live with all your life." ~ Foster C. McClellan
Although self love has to be the foundation for lasting love, for some of us, it is first awakened by the beloved - the one who sees it in us, even when we don't. And loves us for what they see. Relationships become the sacred container for that love, a vehicle for cultivating that extraordinary energy; it is a chance for people to evolve as individuals and as a unit.

How interesting it is that, although it is within us always, we spend most of our adult lives in love's pursuit! When we begin the journey toward romantic love - the search for the beloved - we are really searching for ourselves. And in searching for ourselves, we are seeking to know God, Goddess, All there is. All we seek "out there" is already "in here!"

Soulful lovers do not fill us with their love and make us whole. They help us remember who we are. Their presence helps ignite the flame of love that lives within. When we open our hearts to recall the love so pure and true that is already in us, soulful lovers can add their love to ours. Together we can reach greater heights, a higher love. When partners in love each bring a willingness to open to the depth of love that dwells within we can support one another in opening as fully as humanly possible to the power of soulful love!

I Corinthians is biblical inspiration that for ages has offered one of the most profound descriptions of love. At the heart of it is a basic truth about love that many of us long to embrace. We often use Paul's words – adapted here for modern times – in the context of romantic love as a wedding reading, and yet, he is really speaking of love for God. And in the purest essence, the love between humans is sourced from God, Goddess, All there is... it just can't exist without the presence of divine nature. When we can recognize that we are love because God/Goddess is love and we all come from the same source, then we will know true love. We will also know peace. Try this love meditation...
  • Set up a lovely altar with pretty white and/or pink flowers.
  • Place a white candle on the altar.
  • Create a sacred space of peace and quiet by playing a soft and loving piece of music or chants.
  • Light the white candle to invite the light of divine love and symbolize the purity of your own heart.
  • Read I Corinthians (or some other inspiring reading or love poem) and see if you can connect with the genuine energy of Love.

If I speak in the tongues of men
and of angels,
but have not love,
I am nothing more than a noisy gong
or a clanging cymbal.
And if I have the gift of prophecy,
and understand all mysteries,
and have all knowledge,
and a faith that can move mountains,
but have not love,
I am nothing ...
Love is patient; love is kind.
It is never jealous,
nor boastful, proud or rude.
It's is never selfish, resentful, or quick-tempered.
It keeps no records of wrongs.
Love rejoices with truth.
Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
Love never fails.
And love never ends.
Faith, Hope and Love ... abide in these three.
But the greatest of these ... is love.
  • Contemplate love and what life is like when you feel connected to the essence of love that pervades our being, our lives, and our universe.
  • In whatever way feels appropriate, express gratitude for the love you have in your life.
  • Take that energy out into the world and let your light shine.
  • Do this brief ceremony and prayer whenever you need a love boost.

© Copyright 2009 Reverend Laurie Sue Brockway. All Rights Reserved.

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