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  mattie stepanek, stepanek, online book reviews, jeni stepanek, linda pendleton, just peace, holistic learning, holistic learning courses


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Online Book Review by Linda Pendleton

Just Peace, A Message of Hope
Just Peace, A Message of Hope by Mattie J.T. Stepanek, with Jimmy Carter, Edited by Jennifer Smith Stepanek

I just finished reading one of the most profound and inspirational books I have ever read. I don't know if any of you had the privilege of encountering young Mattie on his numerous television appearances on Oprah, Good Morning America, Larry King, or the Jerry Lewis M.D. telethon, but if you did, or did not, I invite you to read this book by this best-selling young poet, peacemaker and philosopher. Mattie J.T. Stepanek died in June, 2004, weeks before his 14th birthday. I have all his previous poetry books, but this book goes far beyond his poetry, with brilliant essays, and email correspondence with his hero, President Jimmy Carter. His essays are incredible, filled with wisdom and insights that hardly seem possible coming from such a young mind.

The book is profound partly because Mattie J.T. Stepanek began writing poetry at the age of three, and by age five he called his poetry "Heartsongs". He describes Heartsongs as an inner message, a person's inner beauty and reason for being. Mattie writes: "A Heartsong tells you what you are meant to do, to be, in life. Whatever it is that we feel we need and want most in life, well, that is what we are called to offer others. That is our Heartsong. I seek hope and peace. I seek happiness. I seek love around the world."

Mattie believed that everyone in the world had their own Heartsong.
He states, "No two Heartsongs are exactly alike, because they represent our spirit, our essence....No single Heartsong is better, or more important, or more worthy than any other Heartsong. And the beauty of Heartsongs is when they are realized, and shared with others."

He knew at the age of five what his life purpose was, and also knew his life would not be long and understood the illness that would challenge him, day in and day out. Despite those challenges, he earned a Martial Arts Black Belt in Korean Hapkido at age nine. At nine, he was taking high school classes and soon enrolled in college classes. And from birth, he was fighting a disease, dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy, a rare and fatal form of muscular dystrophy, the same disease from which his older three siblings died.

His mother, Jeni, was diagnosed with the adult onset of the disease after her four children were born, leading to the understanding by doctors of what had killed her two oldest children, and soon after, her third child. Mattie was not expected to live long, but over the years he came close to death several times, spending months at a time in Intensive Care in the hospital. He lived way beyond doctors' expectations, and much longer than any other child with the disease. Jeni has been confined to a wheel chair for several years and even though her disease will likely shorten her life, it is not quite as devastating to the body as was her children's form of the disease.

At one point, in 2001, when it was thought Mattie's death was imminent, he was asked by medical professionals what three wishes he had, in the hopes that at least one of his wishes could be fulfilled before his impending death. As his mother states, his three wishes response was not typical of a dying child.

"I wish to have at least one of my collections of Heartsongs poetry published as my gift to the world. I wish to have Oprah Winfrey share the message of hope and peace in my Heartsongs on her show because people turn to her for inspiration and direction. And, I wish to have fifteen minutes to talk peace with Jimmy Carter so that I can make sure I am doing all that I can and should be doing to become a peacemaker for others."

All three wishes came to be.

His meeting with Jimmy Carter resulted in an ongoing intimate relationship, by telephone and email, sharing thoughts on peace, war, and life and death. He asked Jimmy Carter to help him with the new book he wanted to write, "Just Peace." The purpose of his book was to "offer insights on why conflict and violence exist in a world filled with people generally and genuinely good, and to explore the potential impact and current justification of war in modern society." It was Mattie's plan for the book to interview others who were endeavoring to seek peace and justice for individuals or groups of people around the world. His remaining time did not allow for those interviews to take place. He passionately insisted in his days before death that his Mom, Jeni, promise to publish what he had completed on the book, which were several essays on peace, 9-11 and terrorists, violence and war, religion and spirituality, diversity, the environment, the world situation, along with the email exchange of ideas with Carter.

Mattie wrote these words: "I believe that I am here to reach out and touch the world gently with my thoughts and my experiences, and with my observations and my reactions, to help people more fully appreciate and respect all aspects of life. I believe that I am here, even if only for a few handful of years, to help people consider the important matter of future, during our lifetime, and for eternity."

His essays are profound and I find I cannot even put into words the value of his work, except to say it has to be shared. You may think, oh, this is a kid, what can he know? Trust me, his writing is beautiful, his philosophy profound, insightful, and filled with a wisdom far, far, beyond his age. His legacy is a gift for humanity, and those of us who did encounter Mattie will never forget this special angel, a messenger of peace, and those who now read his book, will also remember.

Jimmy Carter delivered a eulogy for Mattie at his funeral service, June 28, 2004, and said, "When I was running for governor a number of years ago, my wife and I didn't have much money, so we traveled around the state and we estimated that we shook hands personally with 600,000 people."

"Later I ran for president, as some of you will remember, and campaigned in all fifty states. Subsequently, I traveled around the world. In fact, since I left the White House, my wife and I have been to more than 120 nations. And we have known kings and queens, and we've known presidents and prime ministers, but the most extraordinary person whom I have ever known in my life is Mattie Stepanek."

And as I have previously written to Jeni, I again, say, "Thank you, Jeni, for bringing this beautiful child into the world and sharing him with us." And my thanks to Jimmy Carter for being there for Mattie and so lovingly sharing in Mattie's passion and dedication to peace. I will be buying a number of his books to share with family and friends. Take time to read his book-buy it, get it from the library, or pick it up in a bookstore, and read through some of his essays. You, too, may decide it needs to be read and shared with family, young teenagers, adults. I believe each of us can gain from his writings.

Always, when I think of Mattie, I see his smile and the sparkle in his eyes...

"If we simply, but profoundly, choose to make peace an attitude and a habit and a reality, peace is possible." ~Mattie J.T. Stepanek

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