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  metamorphosis healing, emotional healing, online holistic education, linda pendleton, spiritual psychology, dr. peebles, dr. james martin peebles

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Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit
Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit
Do you often have the feeling that an unseen presence is guiding you and influencing your thoughts or actions? Have you ever looked up from a task and for an instant you thought you saw a flesh-and-blood apparition of a departed loved one? If so, then welcome to the wonderful world of Spirit. Set out on a journey to gain new thinking about your personal power and spiritual understandings.
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Metamorphosis of Self
By Linda Pendleton

As we head into a new season, are you ready for change? Our world is changing and we all must be growing more acutely aware that it is. In fact, the rapid acceleration of that change over the past sixty or seventy years has taken on dazzling proportions.

A quick review of the recent history of "change" - in America alone - reveals current patterns of natural and man-made disasters girdling the nation, from crime and violence, devastating earthquakes and fires, to hurricanes, tornados, blizzards, floods, heat waves, and drought, occurring in virtually every region of our country.

And in the area of global politics, we saw the end of a cold war but the beginning of new wars, unrest in the Middle East and elsewhere, starvation, pandemic disease, environmental damage, changes in dominance in the world markets and a deteriorating economic climate here in America.

On the more positive side, we have seen tremendous technological achievements. We have gone from horse and buggy to rockets to the moon and into the far reaches of space. We have had state of the art medical advancements, computer technology and the Internet, high tech communication equipment, and other scientific advances that most of us cannot even comprehend.

It would perhaps be proper to state then, that change is the most compellingly natural state of existence throughout the universe. Without change we would exist within a totally static universe in which there would be no meaning to existence itself.

So why is it that most of us resist change with such tenacity and insist that "things" remain the same as they have always been? Things have never been "the same" in this world of space and time.

"If the doors of perception were cleansed man could see everything as it is, infinite." ~ William Blake, (1757-1827)

Peak Experience
Have you ever had a peak experience that changed your entire perception of reality?

Former Astronaut Edgar Mitchell had what he calls a peak experience aboard Apollo 14, in 1971. His experience of spiritual exaltation as he saw the beauty of planet Earth floating in the vastness of space, contradicted his years of scientific objectivity. He described this as a peak experience in which the presence of divinity was almost palpable and that he knew that life in the universe was not an accident based on random process. It was clear to him that the universe had meaning and direction. Although he believed it was not perceptible by the sensory organs, it was there - an unseen dimension behind the visible creation that gives an intelligent design and gives life purpose.

Most of us will not have the opportunity to go into space to experience the majestic beauty of planet Earth but are not many of us given those little glimpses of divine order and beauty in the most ordinary of experiences? Do you turn away without a flicker of recognition? How many others catch the glimpse but then quickly ignore it because it is not comfortable to be confronted with the possibility that it may change them, somehow? "I do not wish to change," so many seem to be saying-but, indeed, we are all changing day by day and even moment to moment-whether or not we wish to do so.

We change constantly, from breath to breath, heartbeat to heartbeat. You are not the same person at this instant that you were a moment ago. Several million cells of your body expire with every beat of the heart and several million more are created to take their place. The total content of the mind changes, as well. Each stimulation from the world about adds a new qualitative value to the mental content - and of course, we are continually bombarded by sensory stimulation, even while asleep.

Change is a necessary state of being - whether we are thinking of a rock or a tree or a human being. Continual change is a mandatory state of all existent elements everywhere. The very planet beneath your feet could not survive without constant activity. In the cosmic sense, our planet is very much alive, very much involved in the process men call evolution - as is the entire manifest universe.

It is well to keep in mind that the basic stuff of which our bodies are made is precisely the same as the basic stuff from which was made the most distant star. We are of the universe and we are subject to the universal laws, which keep the whole production functioning.

Changing "the other fellow" seems to be the more common desire - but all true change must occur within the self, much in the way it came for Edgar Mitchell and his "peak experience" after which he never saw this world as he had seen it before.

What is it that all of us need to "change" in order to feel that sense of oneness and an intimate relationship with the divine? In a word, attitude.

Changing Your Attitude
There is no need to change your clothes, your occupation, your religion, your politics - or anything else other than your mental attitude. For all of us, a mere change of attitude can be the most healing experience - and maybe we can even achieve a "peak" if we ever learn to do it right.

"The peak experience refers to actual moments of your life when you experience your relationship to the harmony of being." - Joseph Campbell, (1904-1987), "Power of Myth"

Excerpted from Journey to the Heart: Exploring the World of Spirit by medium and author Linda Pendleton. Learn more about Linda and this course now.

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