Self-Healing Expressions

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Self-Healing Expressions
Guiding the self to healing, one lesson at a time.

Online Miracles Course with Miracles Meditation

Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition

This miracles coaching program is about creating a life filled with miraculous moments. Manifesting miracles is exhilarating, and much easier than many people think. Explore abilities you were born with — such as intuition. Then learn ways to connect with these abilities and partner with a higher power to allow miracles to happen. You will also learn, practice, and apply a process for creating your miraculous life. [Learn more]

"Each day should be devoted to miracles."
~ The Course In Miracles

Miracles Meditation
by Laurie E. Smith

Lesson 1: You Have the Answers (6:23 min.)

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Embark on a journey designed to help you connect with an all-knowing, miraculous, quiet energy within you. During the following guided miracles meditation, you will have the chance to invite a miraculous power to flow through your life in wondrous ways. Prepare to discover how miraculous you really are!

I invite you to continue this miraculous journey by enrolling in my course Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition today.

Your miraculous adventure is about to begin!

Laurie Smith

Miracle Coach Laurie Smith is the creator and instructor of the miracles coaching program Miracles: Creating Your Magical Life with Energy and Intuition. She is also the author of Soul Wisdom: A Guide To Miraculous Living, Book One, and Spirit In Disguise: A Guide to Miraculous Living, Book Two.

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