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Dear Netrepreneur:

Do you share common goals and philosophies with us?

Our philosophies and goals?

  1. Be true to yourself by working at something you are passionate about and good at.

  2. Be well, healthy and prosper.

  3. Empower others to do the same.

Consider this:
  • You have a special message to convey to the public.
  • We are long-time providers of holistic courses. We have providing holistic elearning since 2001.
  • We have course development, online marketing and technical expertise.
  • We have created a customized delivery system for self-help content.
  • We help holistic healers and authors develop their healing content into transformational ecourses.
  • We develop creative and unique web tools to support our students and reinforce course material.
Let's Explore a Partnership
We support our Content Providers by developing their healing or holistic course, promoting it, and electronically distributing their valuable message. You can enjoy this support too! How?

Develop an e-learning course consisting of daily, weekly or bi-weekly lessons to be delivered to our large targeted audience via e-mail. How? By using our sophisticated Web based database. With our support, content providers easily upload, develop and format e-learning course lessons on this secure database, which operates 24/7. Our database contains an online lesson builder, editing features, customer archives, automated e-mail delivery system and compensation reports (to track your course enrollments and royalties)! We also offer editorial support during course development phase then promote and handle the administrative details once your course is done.

What Next?

First Step   Become a Content Provider

We post and promote your e-learning course offering on the Self-Healing Expressions site.

What are the Benefits?

  • Income.

  • Earn ongoing royalties on each sale for the one-time effort of developing the course. You can review your course enrollment stats and royalties earned online 24/7.

  • Exposure.

  • We promote your e-learning course for you using traditional and online marketing techniques.

  • Hassle Free.

  • We process the orders and electronically deliver your content via e-mail.

  • Gain a Competitive Edge!

  • Offer a new audience your message in a new format. Courses are all self-paced. Learners determine the pace and interval of lessons - so course pace suits their life style.

  • More people access e-mail than go online daily.

  • So even passive learners get the message with this self-help training method.

  • Increase your traffic.

  • We drive traffic from our site to your site with links to your Web site and online products.

  • Enhance promotion of your own site.

  • We often share our marketing expertise with those we partner by offering recommendations, enhancements and resources so you may better promote your Web site and increase traffic to your site. We view this as mutually beneficial.

  • Remain focused on your mission.

  • We handle the backend of your e-course sales including processing orders and delivering lessons using our customized databases and unique self-pace e-mail training software.
Second Step   Join our Affiliate Program.
  • Earn an additional 25% commission on each sale that originates on your site by joining our affiliate program.

    When you sign-up for our affiliate program and add the Self-Healing Expressions affiliate button to your site, you earn 25% on any e-course sale resulting from use of this button. Learn more about our affiliate program now and sign-up today.

Be Well and Prosper,

June Cook

June Cook
President & CEO
E-mail Expressions, LLC

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