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If you are struggling with your pet's chronic or terminal illness, facing a decision about euthanasia, or mourning the loss of a cherished animal companion, please accept our heartfelt condolences at this sad and difficult time. And accept this invitation to enroll in this pet loss course designed to support you on this difficult journey.

We recognize that you need all the information, compassion and support you can find. You deserve to feel comforted, understood and acknowledged as a person in grief, and reassurance that you are normal and healthy in loving your faithful animal friend so deeply. Explore both the myths and the realities surrounding the experience of pet loss, including why it hurts so much and how it differs from other losses.

A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss
A Different Grief: Coping with Pet Loss
by Marty Tousley, CNS-BC, FT, a certified hospice bereavement counselor

The lessons in this 20 lesson course are designed both to help you understand and cope with the grief of losing your pet, and to guide you towards meaningful growth, healing and inspiration. Come to a better understanding of the emotional upheaval caused by the shock, disbelief, anger, guilt and sorrow that are commonly experienced when a beloved pet is lost.

Each lesson is delivered to your email inbox on the start date and at the frequency of your choosing. Lessons contain suggested resources such as, online articles, web tools, discussion forum, books and meaningful ways to memorialize your faithful friend.

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