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In Sympathy
Pink Tulips

Death . . . is no more than passing from one room into another. But there’s a difference for me, you know. Because in that other room I shall be able to see.

-Helen Keller

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About Self-Healing Expressions

Self-Healing Expressions provides free and nominally priced self-help, self-paced email grief healing courses including:

The First Year of Grief:  Help for the Journey - Grief counseling by Marty Tousley

A Different Grief:  Coping with Pet Loss - A grief therapy course by Marty Tousley

A Different Grief:  Coping with Pet Loss (with Child Component) - By Marty Tousley

Holistic Prayer: Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit Through Prayer by June Soyka Cook (no fee)

Unless indicated, Self-Healing Expressions courses cost $34.95.

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Here's what people are saying about our email courses:

"I found this course to bring so many emotions to the surface as I went from Lesson to Lesson. It was done in such a way that one feels you really are communicating and it guides you gently through so many phases of loss. Even when I felt I had come upon an area of loss that I was familiar with, the compassionate and heartfelt lessons left me with new perceptions and a deeper understanding. . ." ~ Stephanie Hart

"I wish I had paced this course out so that it lasted longer. I did not want to see 'this is your last lesson...' I will likely take this course again. I'm sure I will see something new and find more to learn the second time around." ~ Phyllis from Canada

"Marty's course brings together, in a logically consistent format, the challenges of the first year of grief. She has described, both sensitively and with excellent detail, the process of grief through time, as well as, the healing journey the grief-stricken enter upon." ~ Steve George, Bereavement Counselor