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My Distance Reiki Attunement Experience

To: Maggie Wahls, Reiki Master Teacher (RMT)
RMT Wahls performed the distance attunement for this Reiki student

Just to let you know what happened for my distance attunement. I think it will be best first to describe what happened before.

I was concerned that I would be interrupted during the attunement session. There is a postal strike here so letter and parcel can come at anytime during the day. Also, my sister arrives back from her holiday today, so I was also concerned that she would ring during the attunement to say she had arrived home safely. I made a mental note to unplug the phone and switch off mobile.

1 hour before the attunement my sis rang to say she was home, 10 minutes later the post arrived and then my parcel arrived 5mins later!

Just before the attunement I lit a candle and put on music. The music was there not to drown out noise from any passing cars but to let that noise become part of the music so there would be no distractions.

I sat down. The music was choral. There was the deep underlying resonance vibration tone to it that sounded like Buddhist chants. At the same time as this the higher resonance vibration of the choir accompanied the deeper ones. It was just brilliant!

I was then immediately drawn into a meditation of deep Love. I gave thanks to God for the Love that I experience, and I expressed my Love for God. In my mind's eye the Heavens opened up and I was filled with Divine Light.

I settled down with my feet flat on the floor, and I clasped my hands in readiness for the attunement.

At first, just a feeling of Peace. Then energy flowing in my hands. There were symbols rushing in with the energy (I didn't recognise what the symbols were). Then white light came pouring in, just like torrents of water that run over a waterfall. The sign of the cross appeared white and flowing with the energy and then merged with it. A lady then appeared dressed in what looked like a nuns outfit.

Then a powerful Golden Light Energy rushed into my hands. Its power reminded me of huge waves rolling over one another. I could feel my stomach groaning as it lit up the red of the base chakra. It lit up each chakra level. My mind's eye saw the whole length of my chakra plunge into the Golden Light and emerged sparkling. More symbols came rushing with the energy into my hands. The Golden Light filled all of me.

Then a Beautiful Peace.

The Reiki attunement had ended and I made a very large cup of tea.

I said, "Reiki On" and I touched my heart area (heart chakra) and then waved my hands of my whole body. I could feel the energy flowing throughout. I was embraced in Healing Energy. I acknowledge the Love of this Healing Energy and then I said, "Reiki Off." I sensed it was still working within myself.

And then I wrote the above to you and hope it all makes sense to you.

© Posted with gratitude and permission

Reiki Master Teacher Maggie Wahls is the creator and instructor for these Reiki courses – with Reiki distance attunements:
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She also is a Shaman Elder and teaches this online course –
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

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