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Bringing the self to healing, one lesson at a time.
  reiki symbols, reiki courses, reiki online, reiki distance attunements, usui reiki symbols, healing symbols, self-healing, reiki level 1, reiki level 2

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Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

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The Shaman Speaks


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Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level I
Reiki for Healing: Level II
You are invited to embrace a remarkable gift of healing, the ability to heal with your hands. The Usui system of Reiki is one of the easiest natural healing systems known today. Learn what Reiki is about and how it works. Receive your Reiki Attunement to permanently open this channel in your life.

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Reiki, Level 2: About the Three Reiki Symbols
By Maggie Wahls, RMT

In Reiki Level 2, the student learns three Reiki symbols. These healing symbols take your Reiki practice to a new level.
1. The first Reiki symbol will strengthen the effects of Reiki in your own self and bring protection to others.
2. The second Reiki symbol will bring mental and emotional healing on a new and higher level.
3. The Reiki third symbol will allow Reiki to travel over time and space so you can send Reiki to people, places and situations far away from your location.

Upcoming lessons will explain each symbol's meaning and use. You will also learn to draw the symbols.

Important Note!
Reiki Level 1 must precede Reiki Level 2. To advance to Reiki Level 2 without your Reiki Level 1 attunement is like learning to fish in a dry lake.

How Do the Reiki Symbols Work?
Reiki symbols are transcendental in the way they work. While most healing symbols have an effect on the client through visual stimulation of the subconscious mind, the Usui Reiki symbols actually access the source of Reiki and change or magnify the way Reiki healing is effected, regardless of the mind set of the client.

In other words, most healing symbols affect the person. Reiki symbols affect Reiki. There are many ways to "turn on" the Reiki symbols. You will also learn these in the upcoming lessons.

The Power of the Reiki Symbols
The power and effectiveness of the Reiki symbols comes from the Reiki Level 2 attunement, which activates the symbols in your mind and hands. You will feel them long before you have seen and learn to draw the actual symbols in the coming lessons. Your hands-on practice will take itself to a new level. Then as you take the time to learn each Reiki symbol in the coming weeks, you can add them to your practice and become competent in using them.

Why do some people say the Reiki symbols are secret?
The Reiki symbols have traditionally been kept secret. The secrecy is a way of maintaining their sacredness but it has other purposes as well. The secrecy prevents the student from inadvertently linking the symbol to anything else but the energies they represent. If a student becomes aware of the Reiki symbols before being attuned to them, they can become linked to anything else except the energies they represent and that would reduce the efficacy of their power and use. Since the symbols have no real power without the attunement, it is better that they are kept hidden until Reiki Level 2 attunement.

What other uses are there for the Reiki symbols?
Using the Reiki symbols bring your spiritual guides and elders into closer collaboration with you. You may even hear them speaking to you during a Reiki healing session. They also magnify the power of Reiki for your healing work. It is like boosting the volume from 2 to 8.

Copyright © 2007 – 2011 Maggie Jean Wahls. All rights reserved. Excerpt from her online Reiki for Healing: Level 2.

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Reiki Master Teacher Maggie Wahls is the creator and instructor of these Reiki courses - with Reiki distance attunements:
Reiki for Healing: Level I
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She also is a Shaman Elder and teaches this online course -
Discovering the Shaman Healer Within

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