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seasonal affective depression disorder, seasonal affective disorder, SAD, laughter therapy
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seasonal affective depression disorder, seasonal affective disorder, SAD, laughter therapy

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Laughter for the Healing Heart
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"Lynn Shaw has invited us to use laughter, a gift we all have at our disposal, in our daily lives. She offers information, inspiration and instruction on how and why we need to accept and celebrate this gift. "
- Jacki Kwan, LCSW-C Humor Therapist

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Laughter Therapy ~ Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder

Laughter for the Healing Heart
Laughter for the Healing Heart. A laughter therapy course by Lynn Shaw, author and laugh therapist. If you are experiencing a health or emotional low, laughter exercises can be an adjunct to a healthy outlook. Discover how laughter can help reduce symptoms of allergies, abdominal pain and digestive problems -- to name a few. And help you manage anger and fear. For those dealing with physical or emotional distress, finding laughter in daily life can profoundly enhance healing and the quality of life!
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Lynn's Laughter Blip for December

Coping with Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder
By Lynn Shaw, Laugh Therapist

"I'm gonna laugh that gray right out of my day." If you remember the commercial with the theme song, "I'm going to wash that gray right out of my hair" - or the South Pacific musical song, "I'm gonna wash that man right out of my head," then you'll know the tune to the opening sentence. Wouldn't it be wonderful to just laugh and wash away the blues? It really can be that simple; yet for many this time of year, the idea of a ho ho ho during the holidays is reserved for the commercials and ringing Santa's.

For some, the month of December is a time to hibernate and avoid the family gatherings - or memories of missing family members. Of particular concern is the arrival of the winter doldrums often identified as Seasonal Affective Disorder also known as a three-letter word: SAD. The symptoms of SAD may include increased eating, craving carbohydrates, increased sleep, experiencing chronic fatigue, and increased weight gain. These symptoms are not the same as overindulging on the holiday feasts, waddling over to the chair and dropping into a post-meal nap and snore. On the contrary, SAD can last for weeks and may greatly impact finding the joy in the holidays.

Treatment for SAD may include light therapy with a light box, counseling and evaluation for other resources and support. The good news about SAD is that many find relief and their symptoms abate with the signs of longer days and warmer weather. As a suggestion for those who may be experiencing winter doldrums now, I offer you this short meditation.

Laughter Meditation
Begin by focusing on the word, joy. Say it softly. Joy. Say it again...Joy. Then inhale the fragrance of joy, the sounds of joy, and the spirit of joy. Breathe. Say the word, joy. Now imagine that joy has a laughing sound. You make it up. Go with the first sound that comes. Now, instead of saying the word, joy, laugh the word. Ha Ha, Ho Ho, Hee, Hee, Hee, Joy Ho Ho. What does your laughing joy sound like? Even if you have to simulate it, go ahead. Your body will respond as if your genuine laugh is in the joy sounds. As you lean into this experience, let yourself visualize your laughing joy as your light therapy. Rejoice in how empowering it is to generate the light you need and notice… it began with a different three-letter word…JOY.

Lynn Shaw resides in Indiana and is the creator and instructor of the Self-Healing Expressions course Laughter for the Healing Heart. Learn more about Lynn and her course here:

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